CITE is an interdisciplinary centre with a focus on Islamic thought and education. Our centre aims to bridge theory and practice in ways that can have positive social impact.

CITE engages in world-class research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and engagement with communities, NGOs, media and other institutions.

In research, CITE is a leader in Islamic education (including Islamic schools, Islamic pedagogy, Islamic and Arabic studies); Management and leadership as a practice and theory (a combination of contemporary and Islamic focus); and financial literacy and Islamic finance.

In teaching, we have online Islamic Studies (Minor and electives); and fully accredited and online postgraduate degrees in Islamic Education and Islamic Pedagogy.

CITE is engaged locally and internationally with communities and academic institutions in Australia, South-East Asia, the USA, the UK, South Africa and the Middle East.

CITE has significant experience and understanding of the needs and aspirations of Australian Muslim communities.

The Centre will have major, ongoing impact on the deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims, and their place in Australia and the modern world. We will provide a model for research, teaching and community engagement that are informed by a comprehensive understanding of Islam and Muslims based on Islam’s sacred traditions and contemporary realities. You can also download our brochure.

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