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At the Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre (BBB) our research collaboratively branches across behavioural change, fatigue, and stress management, decision-making and recovery, to predict, prevent, detect, and intervene, all with the aim of optimising human function.

We take a bio-behavioural perspective to examine three key areas: enhancing cognitive performance, building resilient behaviours, and behaviour change.

Our research is supported by state-of-the-art facilities. We have facilities for research across the simulation laboratory, virtual reality studios and the Cognitive Ageing and Impairment Neurosciences laboratory. We go beyond our facilities and offer opportunities for community, government, and industry collaboration in the field.

Our research embraces technology and at BBB we use eye tracking software, virtual reality technology, electroencephalogram (EEG), TCD, chrono-biology and cognitive testing software to gain deeper insights into human perception, behaviour and cognitive processes. By leveraging these advanced tools, we aim to unravel intricate patterns, understand neural mechanisms, and explore the intricacies of human cognition in various contexts. Technological integration allows us to make significant advancements in our understanding of behaviours and enhance our ability to develop innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

At BBB we provide a supportive and safe research environment that fosters creativity, enthusiasm, and inclusivity. Contact us for further information, or to discuss opportunities for collaboration.