Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre (BBB) is a world-class research group at the University of South Australia. We strive to find ways to optimise cognitive performance in all areas of life. 

Our research creates and supports healthy brain function, healthy workplaces, and healthy interactions with technology. 

Our team includes psychologists, physiologists, social scientists, clinical practitioners and both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

At BBB we blend pure research with real world contexts and work with industry partners to co-create solutions that improve health, safety and cognitive performance.

The enterprising way we engage with our partners pivots on our ability to bring together people with different expertise to answer these big challenges. 

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Enterprising Research: Fighting fatigue in the workplace

Professor Siobhan Banks and her team showed that while a short nap on nightshift can be a powerful tool for maintaining performance, it can also be hazardous. In their research project, they discovered that caffeine gum may be an effective countermeasure for mitigating performance deficits on nightshift, especially when used strategically.

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Aust Govt – Defence
Aus Research Council
Australasian Sleep Ass
Alzheimer's Australia
Brain Foundation
Bushfire CRC
Flinders Port Holdings
Heart Foundation
NSW Rail Corp
Pacific National
QLD Rail
Sleep Health Foundation
Sleep Research Society

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Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre

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