Partner, study or participate with BBB

BBB welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners, academia, and students. There are many ways that you can engage with our work as a partner, collaborator, student or volunteer.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss the ways in which we can engage with you or your organisation. Industry organisations, prospective students, and researchers are all encouraged to get in touch. 

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    Looking to improve the performance of your organisation or its employees? Partner with BBB to create human-centred solutions.

    Experts from BBB have regularly worked with a number of industry clients. Our trained and skilled facilitators are able to assist you with strategic planning, intervention and industry development within your area of need.

    We have worked more than 100 major Australian companies and groups, including:

    • Defence Sciences Technology Group
    • Safework SA
    • SA Health
    • Bushfire CRC
    • Pacific National Rail
    • Queensland Rail
    • National Rail
    • RailCorp (Transport for NSW)

    Our international client list is varied and includes major air, rail and transportation companies.

    Contact our research team for a confidential conversation about your needs. A consultation will help you to better understand how we work, and how we can help you to meet your challenges. 

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    BBB is an exciting environment that can support you in pursuing your academic interests. We welcome students and researchers with interests in sleep, sleep disorders, fatigue management and/or industrial design. Industry and workplace issues such as safety chronobiology, chrononutrition, circadian disruption neuroscience, or neurocognition are all areas of research you can explore.

    We offer a research environment with highly experienced and engaged supervisors with a wide range of connections to industry. Our staff regularly supervise Honours and PhD students in psychology and psychological science.

    Our staff and postgraduate students contribute to teaching across a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs at UniSA, ensuring that our programs are industry-informed. 

    Research topics and projects

    Our PhD students conduct research into a wide range of topics across the areas of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Recent topics have included: 

    • A psychological understanding of slow fashion in Australia
    • Acute stress, cortisol awakening response and cognitive performance in shift workers
    • Neglect of the left-side world: the brain's response to fatigue
    • Night shift workers in Australia: A profile of dietary intake and patterns, and factors influencing dietary intake, health, and compliance to dietary recommendations
    • Optimising daily activity patterns for brain health in older adults
    • Shiftwork, circadian rhythms, sleep, and diet methods for measuring and shifting body timing systems
    • The psychology of shark conservation
    • Measuring the effectiveness of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMs) implemented among air operators in the South Asian region
    • Strategies for an integrated use of simulation tools for developments and verification in designing human spaces in capsule environments
    • The effects of a lutein-rich diet on sleep and cognitive function in cancer survivors
    • The impact of diet quality on telomere length as a marker of cellular ageing in mid-age to older Australian adults
    • Cognitive training to prevent cognitive impairment after cardiovascular surgeries in older adults
    • Functional connectivity predictors of delirium in older cardiac surgery patients
    • Harnessing graphic design to assist university students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, to read, clarify and comprehend digital texts
    • Identifying social cognitive functioning declines in the ageing
    • Reducing apathy: a virtual reality intervention in residential aged
    • The association between cerebrovascular regulation and cognitive decline in late life.


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    At BBB, we strive to understand how humans’ health and performance is influenced by sleep, circadian disruption, nutrition and activity.

    As part of our work we often recruit people to participate in research projects. Depending on the project, you might:

    • Use interactive simulators
    • Stay awake through the night
    • Go without daylight or time cues for a week or more
    • Learn how you perform while well rested or fatigued.

    Find out more about UniSA's research activities and how you can become a volunteer.

    Research volunteer opportunities