Programs at HKMA

The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) is a non-profit organisation which has aimed at advancing management excellence in Hong Kong SAR since 1960. Since its establishment, HKMA has played a major role in contributing to the economic success of Hong Kong by providing a wide variety of high quality management training and services.

As a membership organisation, HKMA currently has a collective membership of over 13,000 from different business sectors. Members of the Council and Committees comprise eminent persons in industry, commerce and education who constantly advise on the directions and activities of the Association.

As part of the HKMA’s commitment of providing opportunities of continuing development for local executives, a full-spectrum of management education programs are offered, ranging from short courses and workshops through to Certificate, Diplomas, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs. Annually over 2,000 integrated and well-balanced courses are offered to some 40,000 participants from different business sectors.