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  • 2024 UniSA NCP scholarship winners minus-thick plus-thick

    Gabriele Raine Baljak, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise), 2024 NCP Round

    Host University: National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Gabriele Raine Baljak

    Raine will enhance her degree by undertaking a full semester exchange at National Taiwan University, renowned for its distinguished research facilities and contribution to global biomedical advancements. Raine’s lived experiences in the Philippines and Japan equip her with the cultural sensitivity to navigate the unique environment of Taiwan. After completing her study component, Raine will participate in Mandarin language training to support her cultural immersion and connection with the Taiwanese community. To further fortify her connections, Raine aims to participate in research internships focused on gastrointestinal immunophysiology in Taiwan and Japan, as well as forging strong links in these local communities by joining outdoor rock-climbing groups.

    Raine’s NCP program will focus on exploring traditional medicine’s approach of enhancing immune health through dietary changes and physical activity. This program presents a significant opportunity for Raine to understand how Indigenous diets affect the gut microbiota as a means of tackling Australia's health challenges, especially among diverse populations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through Raine's NCP Program, she hopes to open doors for future research collaborations in the field of health and biomedical sciences in South Australia while establishing deep-rooted connections in the Indo-Pacific.


    Morgan Budgeon, Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours), 2024 NCP Round

    Host University: Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

    Morgan Budgeon

    Morgan, a Kabi Kabi man, will begin his NCP program with three months of Malay language training in Kuala Lumpur before studying Construction Management at Universiti Malaya. Morgan plans to undertake further language training during his time in Malaysia to fully immerse himself in the local community before concluding his scholarship with an internship at an industry-leading multinational construction or mining company in Malaysia, to develop his management experience in the sector.

    After working in the construction and mining industry in Australia for over 15 years, Morgan is eager to learn how Australian and Malaysian construction projects compare to one another. He plans to  apply his international experience and insights gained through the NCP to major Australian projects upon his return. On his NCP Program, Morgan is hoping to gain a better understanding of how his industry operates in one of Australia’s close neighbours that we will be looking to engage with closely in the coming years on major infrastructure projects. As UniSA’s first Indigenous NCP Scholar, Morgan hopes to be a role model who can inspire Indigenous students to apply for the scholarship in the future.


    Melissa Ellen, Bachelor of Psychology, 2024 NCP Round

    Host University: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

    Melissa Ellen

    Melissa will be travelling to Thailand for her NCP Program in April 2024 and has a professional and academic interest in the field of addictions and rehabilitation. The NCP presents the opportunity for Melissa to gain academic knowledge and practical experience, as well as global connections in her ambition to respond to the global mental health crisis from an internationalist perspective.

    Melissa’s NCP program will commence with language training in Bangkok in April, before travelling to the city of Chiang Mai to complete an internship at The Dawn Rehabilitation Centre, an international leader in addiction treatment. Melissa hopes to gain hands-on insight into the process of inpatient recovery that will be invaluable in her future practice as a clinical psychologist working in rehabilitative care.

    For the final six months of Melissa’s program, she will be enrolled in the Behavioural Psychology department at Chulalongkorn University to immerse herself in the study of the mind from both an Eastern and Western perspective. While studying, Melissa hopes to foster the growth of a professional network in the wider South-East Asia region will benefit her career working with clients battling addictions.




    Sarah Stone, Bachelor of Health Science, 2024 NCP Round

    Host University: Taylors University, Malaysia

    Sarah Stone

    Sarah, a former Australia Army Lieutenant who has volunteered in Haiti, will start her program with four months of Malay language training to immerse herself into Malaysia’s culture, language and lifestyle. She will then study a semester at Taylor’s University undertaking a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Through this semester of study, she hopes to further her understanding of the health sciences sector, and how health is implemented in an international environment. As an online student, Sarah is excited about the opportunity to study on-campus in Malaysia and immerse herself in a new and exciting culture.

    Sarah then plans to undertake two internships in Cambodia where she can apply her health knowledge in a real-world setting, as well as being involved in humanitarian and human rights work in a health development context. By interning at humanitarian-based NGOs in Cambodia, she hopes to achieve hands-on experience in uplifting impoverished women and children and working in rural medical clinics. Through her NCP Program, Sarah hopes to gain a holistic understanding of health care, humanitarian work, and the value of Australia’s role in the Indo-Pacific.


  • 2023 minus-thick plus-thick

    Naomi Campbell, Bachelor of Public Health, 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: International University - Vietnam National University, Vietnam

    Naomi Campbell

    Naomi will be travelling to Vietnam for her NCP Scholarship program in June 2023. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Public Health with UniSA Online, and will be undertaking units to complement her studies at International University – VNU HCMC.

    While studying, Naomi hopes to develop a relationship between International University and UniSA to further build on UniSA’s international relationships and partner universities. Naomi’s language training will begin in Vietnam in June before starting her studies in September. For the final six months of Naomi’s program, she is hoping to undertake an internship in Cambodia with the World Health Organisation – Western Pacific.


    Sumaiyah Iqbal Majeed, Bachelor of Interior Architecture, 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: UCSI University, Malaysia

    Sumaiyah Iqbal Majeed

    Sumaiyah will start her program with three months of Malay language training, familiarising herself with the language will allow her to integrate into Malaysia and engage with the local community. In July 2023, she will commence her semester at UCSI University, KL, and is excited about the opportunity to research small to medium-scale interior projects and evaluate the challenges and opportunities that include interior spatial planning, historical designs, and cultures.

    After her semester at UCSI, she plans to obtain an internship with an interior design firm in KL for three months. An internship with one of these companies would allow her to gain experience working closely with local projects and developing my CAD software knowledge and interpersonal skills in the industry, and learn their interior design, architectural styles and strategies. Following this she plans to undertake a second internship in Singapore for three months. With work experiences and insights gained from Malaysia and Singapore, she intends to focus on a combination of diversity, inclusion and cultural awareness within architecture and interior design.


    Rebecca Kerstens, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise), 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

    Rebecca Kerstens

    After previously living in Cambodia, Rebecca feels a strong connection to Southeast Asia. She is excited by the opportunity to return to the region to explore new areas and develop her understanding of its diverse cultures, whilst furthering her studies. To begin her NCP program, Rebecca will travel to Malaysia, where she will undertake a semester exchange at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Rebecca will study subjects towards her Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise) and participate in Malay language studies while at USM.

    After completing her study component, Rebecca will undertake a further intensive language program in Kuala Lumpur, to support her cultural immersion and adaptation. Rebecca then hopes to participate in three internships in the areas of public health, nutrition and research. These internships will take place in government and private sector organisations within Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.




    Jacob Moore, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business (Marketing), 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: Beijing Normal University, People's Republic of China

    Jacob Moore

    In January 2023, Jacob had planned to begin his studies in Beijing, China where he would have undertaken a Mandarin language training program for one month before completing his double degree in law and business marketing at Beijing Normal University. Chinese language, history and culture have always been of interest of him, as have challenging the preconceptions held about the country. As a result of the current COVID-19 situation in mainland China, Jacob will be undertaking his studies elsewhere in the North Asia region and is in the process of applying for an alternative host university where he can undertake Mandarin language training.



    Alana Repanich, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science, 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: Taylor's University, Malaysia

    Alana Repanich

    Alana will head off to Malaysia to complete her bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical science at Taylor's University where she will immerse herself in the Malaysian community by learning Malay part-time for the duration of her program. Following her studies, she plan to undertake three internships. The first of two being partners of Taylor’s University, Pfizer and Xepa-Soul Pattison to encapsulate both the commercial and manufacturing fields of pharmaceutics.

    Alana then plans to broaden her knowledge and gather a deeper understanding of the differences and methodologies between the highly advanced city of Kuala Lumpur and the developing country of Fiji where I plan to undertake her final internship in Nadi at Douglas Pharmaceuticals.



    Emily Rippon, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), 2023 NCP Round

    Host University: Beijing Normal University, People's Republic of China

    Emily Rippon

    Emilee will undertake a semester of exchange at Beijing Normal University to study management, international trade, and economics units. During this time, Emilee will also be learning the Mandarin language to increase her understanding of the culture and to better engage with the community while in Beijing.

    Following her study, Emilee will undertake a three-month internship to complement her work experience in risk management in state government. While it has not yet been confirmed, the internship in a professional services firm within a risk advisory team in Beijing will provide Emilee with the opportunity to interact closely with Chinese businesses and better understand the perspective of risk from a different cultural, economic, and political environment.

    Emilee also has a keen interest in the arts and will be building connections within Beijing's 798 Art District, with the intention to bring back an increased understanding of how to maintain the Australia-China cross-cultural connection through the arts.

  • 2022 minus-thick plus-thick

    Clover Glasgow, Bachelor of Arts (Applied Linguistics) and Diploma in Languages, 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: Okayama University, Japan

    Clover GlasgowClover will travel to Japan for their NCP Scholarship program in the second half of 2022. To complement their studies in Applied Linguistics, Sociology and Japanese, Clover plans to study topics of politics, justice, and inequality at Okayama University. While studying, Clover also hopes to forge connections between students at Okayama University and students at UniSA’s own Japanese Culture Club.

    During and after Clover’s study component, language training will allow them to acquire local dialects and improve their overall fluency in Japanese, in which Clover is currently also studying a Diploma in Languages.

    For the final six months of Clover’s program, they hope to work with and learn from the Ainu, who are indigenous to Japan. In particular, Clover hopes to intern with the Hokkaido University Centre for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, before working directly with the Ainu Association in Hokkaido.


    Aaron Hayward, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical), 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

    Aaron Hayward

    Aaron will begin his NCP program with an internship with John Deere in Singapore.

    After completing the internship, Aaron will undertake a semester of exchange at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), a global leader in engineering education and research.

    Aaron will then move on to Papua New Guinea for his second internship at GHD, allowing him to put into practice what he has studied at NTU and providing an invaluable comparison between the approaches in technologically advanced countries like Singapore and those a developing country like Papua New Guinea.

    During his time in Papua New Guinea, he will also study Tok Pisin, the most widely used official language in Papua New Guinea in order to build better relationships with locals and to gain a better understanding of the culture.


    Cody Gray, Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning), 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: Rikkyo University, Japan

    Cody Gray

    Cody will pursue her interest in financial planning and management during her semester of studies at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. During her time in Japan, Cody will also undertake Japanese language studies to immerse herself in the local culture.

    After her studies, Cody plans to undertake two internships to look at comparable practices within the field.  






    Benjamin Sofo, Bachelor of Geospatial Science, 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: Mahidol University, Thailand

    Benjamin Sofo

    Ben is heading off to Thailand, where he will complete his Bachelor of Environmental and Geospatial Sciences at Mahidol University International College, where he will also undertake courses in Thai language and culture.

    Following his studies, Ben would like to participate in up to three internships, the first of which will hopefully be at the United Nations Sustainable Development department in Bangkok before he travels on to Singapore for internships at the Singapore Land Authority and McConnel Dowell.

    He is most looking forward to gaining a deep understanding of Thai society, broadening his knowledge of infrastructure building, as well as forming long-lasting personal and professional relationships.


    Sebastian Blake, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: Mahidol University, Thailand

    Sebastian Blake

    A keen linguistic, Sebastian will start his NCP program with intensive language training before beginning his studies in Sociology and Linguistics at Mahidol University in Bangkok. Throughout his time in Thailand, Sebastian will continue his study of the Thai language on a part-time basis, taking every opportunity to maximise the language component of the NCP Scholarship.

    Following his studies, Sebastian hopes to undertake an internship with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). 




    Sian Jones-Parry, Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours), 2022 NCP Round

    Host University: University of the South Pacific, Fiji 

    Sian Jones-Parry


    Sian’s NCP scholarship will see her head to Fiji, where she will undertake a semester of study at the University of the South Pacific’s Fiji campus. She hopes that her studies there will help her to become a culturally accepting and well-rounded educator. During her time in Fiji, she also plans to volunteer at local primary schools and become a part of the local community by undertaking Fijian language training and joining local sports teams. After her studies, Sian hopes to undertake her internship within either the Fijian or Vanuatu Ministry of Education. 



    Daniel Thorpe, Bachelor of Psychology, 2022 NCP Round, NCP Fellow for Micronesia

    Host University: College of Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia

    Bachelor of Psychology student and composer and pianist Dan Thorpe won the NCP Fellowship for Micronesia. He plans to learn about community-led health programs while studying at the College of Micronesia and undertaking internships in Fiji and Timor-Leste.

  • 2021 minus-thick plus-thick

    2021 Media release


    Max Boylen, Bachelor of Information Technology, 2021 NCP Round

    Host University: University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Max BOYLEN.jpgMax will pursue his interest in AR and VR during his semester of studies at the highly regarded Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. During his time in Malaysia, Max will also undertake Malay language studies to help immerse himself in the local culture.

    After his studies, Max will continue on to India, where he’s secured a sponsored internship with Infosys.


    Lauren Schroeder, Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management), 2021 NCP Round

    Host University: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

    lauren-schroeder.jpgLauren is looking forward to heading Fiji in the middle of 2021 to gain a deeper understanding of tourism in the Indo-Pacific region. To help her engage with the local people and their lifestyle, Lauren will also be studying Fijian language during her time there.

    Lauren hopes to undertake two internships after her studies. First, she plans to intern with Tourism Fiji before moving over to neighbouring Vanuatu to undertake a second internship with the Vanuatu Tourism Office.



    Lucinda Zola, Bachelor of Contemporary Art, 2021 NCP Round

    Host University: University of Kathmandu Art School, Nepal

    Lucinda will complete her Honours at the University of Kathmandu Art School, where she will research traditional Nepalese art practices and their importance to culture, communication and community as well as engaging with local Nepalese artists through workshops in traditional Nepalese artforms. Lucinda, who’s spent time travelling and volunteering in Nepal previously, will also build on her existing Nepali language skills through further language training.

    After completing her studies, Lucinda hopes to secure an internship with a local Nepalese arts organisation.

  • 2020 minus-thick plus-thick

    2020 Media release

    Sam Atwood, Bachelor of Architectural Studies, 2020 NCP Round

    Host University: Korea University, South Korea

    Sam travelled to Seoul to study Design Studio and Urban Planning at Korea University in February 2020.
    Sam was also accepted for an internship with SsD Architecture in Seoul to work on their Venice Biennale project.

    Due to the travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam returned to Australia but plans to resume the NCP program in 2021.




    Sophie Eldridge, Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts (International Relations), 2020 NCP Round

    Host University: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

    Sophie Eldridge was accepted to the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, Sophie headed to Fiji in early 2020, and started her studies while also taking Fijian language lessons.

    Sophie also secured an internship at a women’s shelter working closely with the Fijian Women’s Crisis Centre.

    Due to the travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophie is currently working with her host university to restructure her NCP program.

    Sophie and NCP winners

    Jesse Neill, Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing and Bachelor of Arts (International Relations), 2020 NCP Round

    Host University: Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Jesse Neil will undertake part of his honours at the National Taiwan University, analysing the difference in news values between Australia and Taiwan.

    Jesse has won several journalism awards, including the 2018 National Nine News Student Journalism Award and the 2018 SA Press Club Student Journalist of the Year Award.

    Tom O’Flaherty, Bachelor of Business (Finance), 2020 NCP Round

    Host University: University of Indonesia, Indonesia

    Tom O’Flaherty, a former Royal Australian Navy Ableseaman Marine Technician, will be extending his studies in Finance at the University of Indonesia and has his sights set firmly on an internship in a multinational financial services company based in Jakarta.

    Tom says he hopes to establish closer relations with Indonesia that will provide new opportunities in both countries for many years to come.

  • 2019 minus-thick plus-thick

    2019 Media release

    Joel Ransley, Bachelor of Architecture, 2019 NCP Round

    Host university: Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

    Joel Ransley headed to Japan in 2019, to study with the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo.

    A member of the Australia Japan Association of South Australia, and a seasoned traveller to Japan, Joel also used the opportunity to extend his Japanese language skills. Between his two semesters of study at SIT in Tokyo, he undertook two periods of language training in Fukuoka and Sapporo. Joel also joined his university’s football team, allowing him to meet local and other international students and be an active member of the university community.

    A Bachelor of Architectural Studies student, says the highlight of his time in Japan was meeting renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who delivered a guest lecture at SIT while he was studying there.

    After completing his study component in Japan, Joel successfully secured an internship at an architecture firm in Sri Lanka in early 2020.

    Joel has previously been awarded the Armstrong Award in Architecture and was the recipient of the competitive Rymill House Foundation Living Heritage Travelling Grant - which provided him with the opportunity to undertake architectural conservation research in Europe and the Middle East.

    Joel Joel Joel Ransley_soccer photo.jpg

    Jack Donaldson, Bachelor of Business (Management), 2019 NCP Fellow for South Korea

    Host university: Sogang University, South Australia

    Jack Donaldson, was awarded a Fellow under the NCP scholarship program, making him the highest ranked among all scholars travelling to South Korea for 2019. Jack spent a semester with UniSA’s exchange partner Sogang University, completing the final units of his business management degree and undertaking Korean language training. Jack then moved to Myanmar where he interned with Woodside Energy (Australia’s largest gas and oil company), joining their exploration team. Since his return to Australia, Jack has taken up a graduate position with Woodside energy and is now based out of Perth.

    Jack came to university studies from welding the Collins Class submarine fleet, where his potential was recognised as South Australian Apprentice of the Year. Jack is also a key member of the Australian Government’s Vocational Education and Training Alumni Advisory Group.


    Joshua Bernardi, Bachelor of Design (Product Design) Honours, 2019 NCP Round

    Host university: Tianjin University, PR China

    Joshua Bernardi was admitted to undertake the second semester of his honours studies at one of UniSA’s key partners in China, Tianjin University. Joshua headed to China to start his program in September 2019. UniSA and Tianjin University have a long-standing relationship and a joint research centre: the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development: CAC_SUD.

  • 2018 minus-thick plus-thick

    2018 Media release

    Bianca Hoffrichter, Bachelor of Visual Art (Photography), 2018 NCP 

    Host university: RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh City

    Winner of a New Colombo Plan Fellowship (as the highest ranking scholar to travel to Vietnam), Bianca packed up her cameras and headed to RMIT University in Ho Chi Minh City, where she honed her technical skills in digital photography and computer processing, while gaining invaluable cross-cultural experiences.

    No stranger to Vietnam, Bianca says it is one of the most vibrant, energetic places she has ever been. Bianca says she is strongly drawn to the Indo-Pacific region because of its particular arts traditions.

    The NCP Fellowship also allowed her to complete an artist residency near Hanoi and in a reciprocal learning arrangement during the Fellowship, she also ran workshops and discussions around her own techniques, which include crossing photography and painting mediums, and worked with installations. She also engaged with not-for-profit arts organisations while in Vietnam.

    Bianca Hoffrichter Bianca Hoffrichter, Orphic 2017
  • 2017 minus-thick plus-thick

    Hannah Kemp, Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing), 2017 NCP

    Host university: Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

    For her New Colombo Plan Scholarship Hannah decided to further explore her love of South Korea that started on a two week Tourism and Event Management NCP Mobility Study Tour in February 2016. In the vibrant city of Seoul she has studied Korean in the famous district of Gangnam and continued her university education in the Division of Culture and Tourism at Sookmyung Women's University.

    Continuing on in Korea in 2018, Hannah is interned with ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) in an event management role, and was selected as one of the 1200 volunteers chosen to participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. With the amazing experiences that the New Colombo Plan has enabled her to have, Hannah's passion for tourism, events and marketing, and creating relationships between Asian-Pacific countries and Australia has only grown, and she looks forward to using the inter-cultural skills she has gained in her future career.

    Hannah Kemp Hannah Kemp

    Tristan Winters, Bachelor of Construction Management & Economics, 2017 NCP Round

    Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Winner of a New Colombo Plan Fellowship for Malaysia, Tristan commenced his studies at the University of Malaya in 2017, before securing an internship with Lendlease in Kuala Lumpur. As a direct result of his NCP Scholarship and plenty of hard work, Tristan secured a job offer with Lendlease KL, working in the booming construction field of the Malaysian capital. Through his NCP Scholarship, Tristan achieved his long-held dream of living and working in Asia, doing something he loves and feel passionate about. Tristan is proud to be a shining example of the life-changing opportunities offered by the New Colombo Plan.



    Kogo Fujiko, Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of International Relations, 2017 NCP Round

    Host university: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

    Interested in Fiji’s role as a regional leader, dealing with socio-economic challenges such as climate change and poverty, Kogo headed to Fiji to get beneath the picture-perfect tourist images promoted in the media. Kogo studied Fijian language and French initially, followed by a semester study at the University of the South Pacific – which he highly recommends to Arts and Humanities students. A hands-on internship at the Fiji Sun resulted in authoring front pages stories, and a 3-month internship at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat enhanced Kogo’s political understanding of the Asia-pacific region. The professional experience gained in Fiji was crucial to winning Kogo his current media communications job in South Australia, however he can’t wait to head back to Fiji to work in the region.

  • 2016 minus-thick plus-thick

    2016 Media release

    David Sidwell, Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing and Communication), 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: Sogang University, South Korea

    David Sidwell moved to Korea in February 2016 as part of the NCP Scholarship program and studied Korean language alongside his university studies at Sogang University. David is aiming to work in the interactive media industry and utilised his NCP internship opportunity to gain exposure in South Korea’s progressive online gaming industry.

    David Sidwell David Sidwell

    Gemma Clancy, Bachelor of Management (Marketing), 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Gemma moved to Hong Kong in January 2016 to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and secured an internship with QBE Hong Kong to work in their Human Resources and Marketing departments. Gemma won an Ehrenberg Scholarship with UniSA and is a Research Assistant at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. While in Hong Kong, Gemma was selected for the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Forum and the Marketing and Communications Director of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Australia-China Youth Association. Gemma is keen to mobilise her connections and experiences in Hong Kong in her future career

    See Gemma’s blog at

    Gemma Clancy Gemma Clancy and Mui Wo

    Lucinda Thurmer, Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management), 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: Chung Ang University, South Korea

    Lucinda commenced her studies in Seoul at Chung Ang University for five months. She chose South Korea because of her interest in the country’s dynamic culture, language and unique alphabet system and hearing glowing reviews from other students who had completed their exchange in Korea. Lucinda had the opportunity to participate in a part-time internship with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

    Having completed a Communications Internship at QBE in Hong Kong, Lucinda has been worked in a team that has oversight of the communication strategies in countries all over the Asia-Pacific.

    Being awarded an NCP scholarship, Lucinda describes as a great honour and privilege. For all the challenges of moving to a new place, it has opened up new countries and cultures, incredible career advancement and friendships. Lucinda states: “Being an NCP scholar has nothing short of changed my life.”

    Lucinda Thurmer Lucinda Thurmer  

    Tom Engelhardt, Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of International Relations, 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Tom is a touring musician and came to university to study a bachelor double degree in Journalism and International Relations after several years in the work force. He is studying for a Bachelors double degree in Journalism and International Relations. Tom commenced his NCP Scholarship in Kuala Lumpur in June 2016, undertaking an internship with the Asian Football Confederation’s media department, before studying at the University of Malaya. He further extended his professional international experience with another internship at a Malaysian media outlet.

    Tom Engelhardt  

    Michael Dyer, Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (Honours), 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

    Michael Dyer undertook his honours project in Fiji in 2016 at the University of the South Pacific, supervised by Prof. Boehmer, the Head of School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment. He completed an internship at Nature Fiji – Mareqeti Viti, focusing on bat conservation and tropical plant pollination on islands and also at Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation in India.

    Michael is currently the Coastal and Marine Assistant in the Division of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SREP) in Samoa. He is working on a wetland inventory update and is developing a Marine Spatial Planning framework for the Pacific nations and SREP member countries (21 countries in the Pacific).

    NCP winner Michael Michael Dyer

    Georgia Johnson, Bachelor of Marketing and Communications, 2016 NCP Round

    Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Georgia Johnson is an aspiring international marketing professional and is a seasoned traveller and leader. Within recent years, Georgia has assisted in the set up of a charity in rural India, undertook a semester exchange in the Netherlands moved to Malaysia in August 2016. Georgia continued her marketing studies at the University of Malaya, and was selected to undertake a blue-sky internship with Microsoft Malaysia. 

    Georgia Johnson NCP winner, Georgia Johnson
  • 2015 minus-thick plus-thick

    2015 Media release

    Michelle Howie, Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications), 2015 NCP Round Korean Fellow

    Host university: Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea

    Michelle Howie was awarded the honour of being the inaugural Korean Fellow of the New Colombo Plan in 2015. After immersing herself in Korean language and culture during her studies at KAIST, Korea's most prestigious science and technology institute, she was offered an internship in Network Services at Telstra's International headquarters in Hong Kong. Michelle is looking forward to building on the professional and personal connections she’s made in Korea and Hong Kong as she pursues a career in electronics and communications, striving to create a globally connected future.

    Follow the adventure on Michelle's blog at
    UniSA NCP scholarship recipient lands in Hong Kong

    Michelle Howie Michelle Howie

    Mitchell Francis, Bachelor of Construction Management & Economics, 2015 NCP Round

    Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Mitchell Francis continued his Construction Management and Economics studies at the University of Malaya during 2015, then was successful in winning an internship with Lendlease, working on a multi-billion dollar construction project in Kuala Lumpur. Mitchell has made the most of the opportunities offered through the high profile support of the Australian High Commission, networking with CEOs of multinationals, playing sport with company owners, and travelling widely throughout the region. Mitchell is passionate about the amazing experiences he’s gained through the New Colombo Plan and wants all Australian undergraduates to have the same opportunity to broaden their horizons.

    Mitchell Francis Mitchell Francis

    Anthony Randell, Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, 2015 NCP Round

    Host university: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

    Anthony Randell studied Environmental Sciences at the University of the South Pacific during 2015, before undertaking an internship with Nature Fiji-MaregetiViti. Anthony’s dream career involves combining scientific field work with community engagement and this is exactly the experience his NCP Scholarship gave him. Anthony came to UniSA through Tafe studies, and with hard work and persistence he is now achieving great success. Without the scholarship Anthony would not have been able to go to Fiji and he is thankful for the NCP for his new-found awareness, knowledge, as well as a wealth of new experiences and connections in Fiji.

    Anthony Randell and friend Anthony Randell
  • 2014 minus-thick plus-thick

    2014 Media release pages

    Nellie Blitz, Bachelor of International Relations, 2014 Pilot NCP Round

    Host university: Hong Kong University

    Nellie Blitz was UniSA’s first New Colombo Plan scholar during the pilot phase, and undertook her studies at Hong Kong University in 2015, before an internship with the Institute for Women’s Empowerment of Hong Kong. Nellie has since completed her studies at UniSA and is consolidating the skills and experiences she gained from an NCP Scholarship in her field.