Mental Health Comorbidities

Presentation by Associate Professor Martin Jones, Director University of South Australia Department of Rural Health

Martin Jones is an experienced clinician (Mental Health Nurse MHN), health service manager and academic.  Director for the University of South Australia Department of Rural Health, he is collaborating with the SA Primary Health Network on health services in remote areas and supervising PhD projects focused on mental health.  In the UK, he managed an acute inpatient ward in London, led the establishment of a Community Mental Health Team in a regional community, and was a locality manager for the development of a comprehensive service model to support people with SMI in London.  He has been part of teams that developed training programmes in the areas of, depression management, improving the physical health of people living with schizophrenia and Behavioural Activation for depression.  In addition to this, he is a mental health advisor to the Care Quality Commission in the UK.  

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