Interprofessional Learning Online

The Department of Rural Health learnonline site is available for all students undertaking a rural placement to access additional interprofessional learning and professional development training packages. The contains the following training packages with more to be developed and added in the near future:

Rural Interprofessional Practice Program – a 2 hour training package that integrates student interprofessional practice across disciplines while focusing on the benefits for both practitioners and clients.

An Insight into Cultural Competency – a 2 hour training package that provides insight into the cultural competency journey and provides students an opportunity to further develop their cultural capabilities in meeting the needs of Aboriginal people in improving health outcomes.

Compassion Fatigue and Self Care Strategies – a 2 hour training package focusing on developing awareness of vicarious trauma and implementing self-care strategies into everyday life.

Managing Difficult Client Conversations - a 2 hour training package exploring the challenges associated with client discolusure and the nature of emotions in formulating client support with the use of an effective managing difficult client conversations action plan and creating meaningful conversations.

For access to the learnonline site please contact