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Unlocking human potential across the community through intergenerational approaches

Research in ‘An Age Friendly World’ will shed light on how individuals at every stage in the life course can achieve their potential.  Our research will empower governments, community agencies, private businesses, care providers, regulators, the young, the middle aged and the old, to create a better, healthier and more productive society.  Our goal is a community that values and enables individuals at all ages, and that finds new ways to help them identify and meet their needs and goals.

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Research stories


Enterprising Research: Evaluating age-friendly strategies

Professor Wendy Lacey


Enterprising Research: Enhancing the social dining experience in older adults

Dr Ross Smith


Enterprising Research: Designing dining in an age friendly world

Dr Kathleen Connellan


Enterprising Research: Care in the country

Associate Professor Lia Bryant


Enterprising Research: Developing a neurovascular marker of cognitive impairment

Dr Ashleigh Smith


Enterprising Research: Ageing, mobility and driverless cars

Dr Akshay Vij



Enterprising Research: The prevalence of elder abuse in South Australia

Professor Wendy Lacey

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We invite you to reach out and explore the exciting opportunities for your organisation to partner with UniSA. For more information and to connect with us please contact:

Professor Andy KoroniosAndy.Koronios@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 9129

Natalie FordeNatalie.forde@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 5854

Demi Kastanos: Demi.Kastanos@unisa.edu.au
Ph: (08) 8302 6566


To engage with our “An Age Friendly World” research theme, please contact Professor Andrew Beer via research.themes@unisa.edu.au

Further Research Theme Steering Group members:

Esther May
Ian Gwilt
Janna Morrison
Tarl Prow
Eileen Webb
Peter Pudney
Carol Maher

For a full list of UniSA’s Research Theme Steering Groups, click here.

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