Our vision

Our vision is to enable and empower people with chronic conditions to reach their potential for recovery, independence and wellbeing.

We will achieve this vision by impacting individuals, health service delivery, outcomes and education through strategic collaborations, bold ideas, outstanding research and exemplary communication.

We work together with consumers and clinicians to identify real-world problems.

We undertake qualitative, behavioural & neurophysiological experiments to find new solutions.

We conduct clinical trials to test those solutions.

We undertake implementation projects to optimise uptake of effective solutions and identify remaining problems.

Scale, focus and impact

By applying a proven ‘Innovation to Implementation’ framework, we ensure close relevance and fast-tracked impact. We have Scale by bringing together world-class research groups from across allied health at UniSA, and through extensive , and we have Focus by concentrating on four grand challenges.

Partnership, collaboration & capacity-building

We put great value on impactful community and industry engagement. We have extensive networks grounded in co-creation, transparency and cooperation. We bring the same approach to embedding our research discoveries into our undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development education. We are committed to help build a workforce of engaged, supported and connected allied health ‘clinician scientists’.