The University of South Australia’s Musculoskeletal Biology Research Group (MBRL) is a pre-clinical and clinical facility providing research and development expertise and state-of-the-art capabilities and training for government and private sector projects. MBRL is engaged in research aimed at preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as well as providing effective therapies for those who suffer from these and other bone diseases.

To prevent bone disease, the team at MBRL utilises pre-clinical studies and clinical trials to determine the role of nutrition, hormones, and genetics in bone health and disease. The MBRL team also develops novel pharmacological therapies to treat bone diseases and provides evidence-based data to improve surgical practice and outcomes. Examples of outcomes from this R&D include evidence-based data used for international guidelines in vitamin D supplementation to prevent osteoporosis and the development of a novel anti-microbial titanium nano-surface used for medical implants to improve bone healing and reduce infection with hip replacement surgery. 

MBRL has a strong track record of collaboration with national and international leaders, with research supported by continuous funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council for over 20 years, National Institute of Health, Innovation in Advanced CRC, MTP Connect, Arthritis Australia, Bone Health Foundation, as well as from the private sector