Our Project Leaders

Dr Jim O'Hehir
General Manager Forest Research , Forest Health and Biosecurity Systems and Protocols project
Professor Chris Chow
Wearable Sensors project
Professor Anthony Finn
Forestry Data Solutions project and SA Bluegum Plantations project
Dr Baden Myers
Water and Environmental Plantation Management project
Dr Stefan Peters
Forestry Data Solutions project, Water and Environmental Plantation Management project and Automated Forest Fire Detection and Suppression Framework project
Associate Professor Rameez Rameezdeen
Characterising Softwood Sawn Products project and Wearable Sensors project

Research degree students


Abbas ABBARA - Effect of Length on the Compression Behaviour of Radiata Pine Solid Sawn Timber

Oluyimide Olaniyi AKINNAWONU - Impacts of temperature and moisture on sawn softwood products

Laith AL-SHIMAYSAWEE - Automated detection of objects in low contrast and high clutter environments

Chloe BENZE - Aetiology and consequences of stringybark dieback in the Mount Lofty Ranges

Donna FITZGERALD - Quantifying dieback in Eucalypt forests using remote sensing

Pasindu KARUNATILAKA - Estimating plantation water use in the South East of South Australia

Li LUO - Modelling and optimisation of forest product supply chain integration, inventory managment under demand uncertainty, and carbon market planning

Spencer O'KEEFFE - Visualising Multi-deminsional data in forestry

Eguagie Michael OTASOWIE - The impact of tropical cyclones on rainforest structure and functioning in the Australian wet tropics


Srishti ARORA - Evaluation of the efficacy of salvation and storage processes for fire killed P. radiata species to prevent any value loss during construction in South Australia

Manbeer KAUR - Wood properties of fire burnt structural timber

Ranjodh SINGH - Wood properties of fire burnt structural timber


Johannes SKIRROW - The importance of tree and site characteristics when planning restoration for the glossy black-cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami hamaturinus) on Kangaroo Island