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Forest Research Mount Gambier is a partnership between the University of South Australia, the forest industry, the Federal Government and the Government of South Australia. It is assisting in delivering the regional priorities of the forest industry in Australia, through the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI). This partnership supports a strategic alliance to leverage outcomes and provide highly skilled research resources to address regional and national forest industry needs.

Forest Research Mount Gambier plays a vital role in fostering collaboration, undertaking research, boosting innovation and maintaining jobs. The research will also aim to make Mount Gambier one of the major centres for forest industry research in Australia. The partnership capitalises on UniSA’s unique and innovative approaches to teaching, research and engagement. The key research areas of the partnership are:

  • Sustainability and community
  • Building product development and testing
  • Workforce safety
  • Analytics and sensing
  • Process optimization
  • Water security
  • Bio-economy

Located at UniSA’s Mount Gambier Campus, Forest Research Mount Gambier helps support South Australia’s $1.2 billion forest industry. The industry is one of the largest employers in the Green Triangle region, providing 7,000 direct and 15,000 indirect jobs, according to industry sources. The Green Triangle is home to 18 per cent of Australia’s total plantation estate, including plantation and forest products companies who have significant investments. 

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UniSA is a globally connected and engaged university, implementing unique and innovative approaches in forest research.



With more than 2,500 industry partners globally, UniSA offers a unique opportunity for industry and government collaboration for a sustainable future of the forestry industry for Australia.



UniSA has focused on significantly increasing investment in the capacity and infrastructure of it's regional Mount Gambier campus, allowing Forest Research Mount Gambier to address important, contemporary issues.

Our partners

Forestry Research Mount Gambier is a collaboration between key supporting partners:

  • Government of South Australia
  • ForestrySA
  • National Institute for Forest Products Innovation
  • Australian Forest Produce Association
  • Forest & Wood Products Australia

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Dr Jim O’Hehir
General Manager: Forest Research Mount Gambier
Ph: +61 8 830 28997
E: Jim.O'Hehir@unisa.edu.au

Michele Cranage
Administrative Officer
Ph: +61 8 830 28902
E: Michele.Cranage@unisa.edu.au