‘Nature writing’ is a popular genre in Britain and the United States, but it does not translate easily to an Australian context. The continent’s long lineage of First Nations’ custodianship, and brief history of colonisation, has arguably given rise to writing about the environment in complex ways.

This project explores how writing about the environment manifests in Australia. In particular, it investigates how gender inflects responses to and renditions of the natural world.

‘Wattle’ painting by James White

Diversity is a key element when addressing difficult problems because it prompts a range of perspectives. This speaker series will amplify thoughtful and galvanising female and non-binary voices to provide multifaceted reflections on our environment, particularly as such voices tend to be overlooked in discussions of the environment in Australia. It will also prompt a consideration of the ways the ecosystems not only keep us alive, but also inspire creativity in terms of literary themes, content and form.

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Accessible venues across Adelaide, and one regional location, will showcase these important writers.

Featured writers include: Eileen Chong, Dr Bronwyn Lovell, Natalie Harkin, Jennifer Mills, Jane Rawson, Inga Simpson, Danielle Clode, Jeanine Leane and Gaele Sobott.

The series begins in July and closes in December 2022. Audiences will be invited to attend in person or online, extending the reach beyond Adelaide to the nation, and ensuring accessibility for disabled and/or remote audiences.                                                                       

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Dr Jessica White

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Dr Jessica White:  Jessica.white2@unisa.edu.au