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Creative People, Products and Places (CP3) is an internationally recognised interdisciplinary research centre undertaking high quality collaborative research into culture and creativity at the University of South Australia. Building upon the strong base of world class cultural studies informed research into cultural and creative industries (CCIs) at UniSA, CP3 is concerned with the creative ecosystem of art, media, writing and culture, including its communities, economies, publics, institutions, and values. CP3 focuses on the people who make and participate in art, media and culture, on how products are made and valued, and on the spaces and communities in which this creative ecosystem takes place.

The CP3 team welcomes interest in project collaboration and partnerships. Contact the team for more information.

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The Creative People, Products and Places Research Centre (CP3) welcomes contact from potential postdoctoral degree researchers, interested in exploring research projects with us. In the first instance, please directly contact the relevant CP3 member/s you wish to potentially have on your supervisory team to see what might be possible.

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Enterprising research: Socially inclusive employment practices

This project explores the diversity (or otherwise) of Australia’s creative workforce and how it might become more inclusive. Exclusionary practices are especially strong in media industries, including and notably film, digital content production and television. This has clear implications for a lack of diversity of stories and voices even within strong state-supported broadcasting. Socially inclusive creative industries are thus central in democratic life to the development of a community’s sense of identity, intercultural understanding and fostering a sense of belonging.

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