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The deepening crisis in arts and culture was only made worse by the pandemic, and its current failure to secure its value as an essential part of our democratic society has long roots. We seek new ideas and practices to help us rethink the value of art and culture and re-establish their place in public policy and in our everyday citizenship.

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2022 Events

Reset Talk: launch of the working paper Art, Culture and the Foundational Economy, 24 June 2022

Since 1994 art and culture have been told that becoming ‘creative industries’ would lead to a seat at the government table and the resources commensurate with its new importance. Though this has failed dismally the cultural sector lack a language to go forward. Might the Foundational Economy point to a new way for the sector to think itself as part of public policy? In this lecture Justin O’Connor outlined some of the challenges and possibilities opened up by this post-neoliberal economic agenda. The event also marked the launch of the Reset working paper - Art, Culture and the Foundational Economy.

Download the working paper here

Seminar: Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals, 27 April 2022

Presented by CP3 and the Hawke EU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence as part of the Reset Arts and Culture project. 

Chair: Justin O’Connor, CP3 and Reset

Co-host: Dr Samuel Whiting, CP3 and Reset

Dr Tully Barnett, CP3 and Reset, Flinders University

Held at the Bradley Forum, Hawke Building, this hybrid live/webinar event brought together three leading experts from Europe who were lead contributors to a recent EU sponsored report on Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They introduced the debate and outlined the challenges faced in articulating a new cultural SDG. Drawing on their report, they discussed ways in which the role of culture is more important than ever in helping humanity achieve the SDGs. Speakers included:

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2021 Events

  • Reset # 1 Round Table Flinders Vic: 16th April
  • Reset # 2 What to do about Cultural Work after the Pandemic 7th May City Library
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  • Reset # 3 Heterodox Economics and the Cultural Sector 17th June Bradley Forum
  • Reading/ writing group: 1st July City West
  • "Industry group": 2nd July Flinders Vic Square
  • Reset # 4 Scott Ludlam: Full Circle and the Art of Panarchy, 15th July Bradley Forum
  • 5th August CP3/ Hawke EU centre Guest Lecture: Dan Hill: The new Euro-Bauhaus and its implications for Australia.
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  • Reset # 5 After the Creative City, 10th September, Port Adelaide, Waterside Workers Hall. With Dan Hill. Sponsored CP3/ EU Hawke Centre
  • Launch Keeping Creative 30th September, MOD - Cornelia Dümcke, Berlin7th May City Library
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  • Reset # 7 Public Policy and Cultural Citizenship. Thursday 14th October
  • Reset # 8 Two-Day Conference, co-hosted Arts Industry Council South Australia. Thursday/ Friday 11-12th November Adelaide Town Hall.