Project Team
Dr Jeanne-Marie Viljoen
Assoc Prof Magdalena Zolkos at the University of Jyväskyla

Dr Jeanne-Marie Viljoen is involved in an ongoing collaboration with Assoc Prof Magdalena Zolkos at the University of Jyväskyla. This collaboration involves the investigation visual narratives, including graphic novels (especially creative non-fiction) animated documentary and alternate reality games by indigenous artists.  

The collaboration began as part of the Humboldt Fellowship at Goethe University in the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform and involved interviewing archaeologists, artists and museum curators about the excavation of the artifacts - upon which a series of historical graphic novels by indigenous Greenlandic artist Nuka K. Godtfredsen and his collaborators - were based, and analysing these narratives through the decolonial framework of haptic visuality.

The aim of this ongoing collaboration is to enhance the application of haptic visuality (first applied in global film studies) to comics and graphic novels by indigenous artists and to contribute to enhancing the decolonising potential of such works. 

When feasible, we co-produce conference presentations and co-author journal articles / scholarly book chapters together, based upon this work. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr Jeanne-Marie Viljoen: