As Australia's premier research centre for preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect, the ACCP is at the forefront of pioneering new discoveries in this critical field and leading the development of a high-quality evidence base.

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    The Australian Centre for Child Protection is at the forefront of leading ground-breaking research into the most effective strategies for preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect. Our work consistently generates new evidence to lead improvements across child protection policy and practice. The Centre has also pioneered innovative methodologies for engaging vulnerable and marginalised children and families in child protection research. Our tailored approaches to the collection, analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data are instrumental in providing contextually driven solutions to complex problems.

    Our team has experience across:

    • randomised controlled trials 
    • nationally representative surveys
    • observational studies
    • prevalence studies
    • experimental and longitudinal research
    • multi-level modelling using administrative and survey data
    • linked cross jurisdictional data
    • the use of grounded theory and thematic approaches to analysing qualitative data.

    Our award-winning research has helped shape national and international policy, while also informing new practice approaches. At the heart of our work is our desire to ensure that our research makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

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    Minimum Practice Standards: Specialist and Community Support Services Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

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    The ACCP works with partners to inform and lead policy development and child protection reform in Australia. The ACCP's partnered approach and rapid evidence translation is helping to lead new policy development in child abuse and neglect across government and non-government sectors.

    Our influence in shaping new directions in child protection policy is evident in our contributions to the creation of new state and national policy. These contributions include:

    • Reforms to approaches to child protection intake screening and child protection practice frameworks
    • Consultations that influenced the development of a new national framework, focusing on prevention and response to abuse and neglect in families with multiple and complex needs
    • Providing input into national, state and territory inquiries, including the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


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    Developing policy through partnerships: The Early Intervention Research Directorate

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    Translating research and evidence into effective and leading practice is central to the ACCP’s approach and work. Our strength is our ability to rapidly turn knowledge into workable solutions, in action research cycles in collaboration with our partners.

    In order to determine how to deliver, shape and sharpen child protection practice, we directly engage with children, young people, families, communities, practitioners and service providers. By maintaining a focus on the needs of those most affected by the services and systems we're working to improve, our work is making a tangible difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families.


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    Safety in the reunification of families who experience family and domestic violence

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