Study tours refer to UniSA-led tours, where you have an international experience with a group of UniSA students and member(s) of UniSA staff to the same location. Study tours are usually around 2-3 weeks long, but durations may vary.

Participating in a Study Tour is a fantastic way of immersing yourself in another country and culture for a short period of time and allows you to try out overseas travel and study with fellow students with UniSA staff supervision.

If you haven’t travelled much before and think you would enjoy travelling with a group, or just don’t want to worry about planning all the daily details, then a study tour could be a great option for you!

UniSA runs a number of international study tours each year which are arranged by a University Academic Unit or Academic Staff Member.

How do I find out about available opportunities? 

Study tour opportunities are created by and advertised through your Academic Unit.

Make sure to enquire with your Program Director and Academic Unit to see what opportunities are potentially available for students in your field of study.

 How much does it cost? 

The cost of a study tour varies depending on the location and itinerary planned, but usually the tour will advertise a price range for you to know before you apply.

If you are able to receive at least 4.5 units of credit for participating on the study tour, and you meet the other eligibility criteria, you may be able to receive funding to help with the cost of the experience.

Some study tours may also attract Australian Government Funding, generally in the form of a New Colombo Plan Mobility grant.

Please refer to the Funding and Scholarships page or contact for more information.