UniSA research is inventive and adventurous, with a culture of innovation. Our world-class research shapes the future, drives economic growth and sustainable development, and creates a positive impact on society. We translate our discoveries into results that help our partners, and make the world a better place.

By investing in UniSA research, you can support the brightest minds who imagine tomorrow’s questions, test the possibilities and find the right answers.

The Enterprise Hub can facilitate your philanthropic gift or corporate sponsorship, or outline the many ways you can invest in research at UniSA. You could support a research scholarship, or sponsor a Visiting Research Fellow, Unstoppable Research Grant or Named Research Chair.

Investing in research is an effective way of supporting breakthrough thinking and meeting your corporate challenge at the same time. Discover opportunities to support UniSA research, or contact us for more information and to discuss the possibilities. 

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Your philanthropic donation or corporate sponsorship goes directly to supporting research


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Discover ways to invest in research

Project-based PhD Scholarships

A person using a VR systemThe University has a wide range of PhD projects that you may choose to sponsor. Visit the Research Projects page to view a list of current research projects. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss your business challenge that could be addressed by a thorough and impartial research project or by supporting a UniSA PhD scholar.

These project-based research degrees provide an insight into the breadth of research being undertaken by UniSA researchers. You may discover a project that aligns directly with your needs, or you might be inspired a project that you feel will serve your corporate objectives.

An investment in a UniSA Project-based PhD Scholarship can create a vital catalyst for change across industry and the wider community.

Individual Research Scholarships

A researcher in a labUniSA’s emerging researchers are creating new knowledge through a range of PhD research projects. By funding a PhD scholarship, you can invest in big ideas and contribute to building a brighter future.

PhD scholarships designed to support Aboriginal PhD candidates are especially welcomed.

Your philanthropic gift or corporate sponsorship could support:

Enterprise Hub PhD Research Scholarships

UniSA will work with industry or individuals to develop a relevant research project that aims to create new knowledge and significant change. The project will also be suitable for publication in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Enterprise Hub Research Top-up Scholarships

Industry and individuals are invited to consider the provision of top-up grants to encourage a specific research focus, or to encourage individuals to strive further.

Visiting Research Fellowships

A laboratoryWhen researchers work alone, they produce great outcomes. When researchers collaborate and combine their exceptional talents, remarkable outcomes are achieved. UniSA’s Visiting Research Fellowships scheme brings the world’s most talented minds and practitioners to Adelaide to work in partnership with our researchers, business and the community.

By bringing leading international researchers to Adelaide to work alongside our South Australian community, we can magnify the impact of their work and help local and global communities to thrive. A UniSA Visiting Research Fellowship could be transformative for your organisation and for the community you serve.

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Enterprise Hub Unstoppable Research Grant

Hands working on electronicsYour philanthropic gift or corporate sponsorship could support an Enterprise Hub Unstoppable Research Grant. Donors would be granted naming rights of the Unstoppable Research Grant, as well as the opportunity to select the research theme. At the commencement of each grant, a formal ceremony or dinner to honour the donor and award the Unstoppable Research Grant would be hosted by the University with Council and senior leadership.

Named Research Chairs

Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth and Director of AUCBGReal solutions don’t happen without great partnerships and inspired leadership, and UniSA is known for its effective industry alliances that maximise the mutual benefits of engagement. Leadership in key research areas at the University of South Australia can be achieved through the support of a Corporate Named Research Chair.

By funding a Research Chair, you’ll provide the chosen researcher with the prestige associated with your name or company, as well as the financial independence to pursue higher aspirations in their field of discovery. You may wish to support a key subject area of interest, to build capacity and augment research outcomes in that area.

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