Innovate, test, pivot, and test again. That’s the secret to powerful companies. If you’re looking to transform or grow your organisation, the Enterprise Hub is the ideal conduit to brainstorm ideas and make the right strategic decisions.

We offer a variety of ways to work together – from collaborating on interdisciplinary projects delivered by UniSA’s Match Studio, to participating in business growth programs led by our Australian Centre for Business Growth. You could be inspired by our brightest students, exchange perspectives with industry experts and peers, or reframe a problem with expert coaches and mentors.

We approach problems with a growth mindset, while staying true to your company vision and values. If you’re ready to capitalise on an opportunity or take a leap, the Enterprise Hub can jump with you.

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Complex problems, holistic solutions


Devise strategies for growth

Access tools and resources that support your company’s goals


An unconventional approach

Collaborate with cross-functional teams of academic experts, industry peers, and students


Creative and relevant solutions

Harness the power of design thinking methodologies


Unravel complex challenges

Explore, prototype and test new ideas before implementation

Case studies

Developing Aboriginal medicines to fight inflammation

Aboriginal Peoples were the first to research and understand the effects of Australian plants, with thousands of years of accumulated knowledge about their properties and how to best to use them. A long-term partnership between UniSA researchers and Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation is leading the way in understanding the healing potential of plant species used in Aboriginal medicine, while also creating a model for equitable partnerships and benefit sharing between Aboriginal and Western scientific researchers.

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“I hope that this work will continue to provide opportunities for Aboriginal custodians to manage and direct research on their land and receive ongoing income from the intellectual property of their heritage, as well as support the passing down of traditional plant knowledge from Elders to younger generations.”

Dr Susan Semple, Senior Research Fellow, University of South Australia

Laser coating machinery for longevity

Minerals processing machinery is expensive and endures extreme levels of erosion, corrosion, and wear and tear induced by repetitive impact. Shutdowns for repairs and maintenance of equipment can cost more than $100,000 for every hour of downtime.

Australian surface engineering company, LaserBond, and UniSA’s specialist Coatings Research Group at the Future Industries Institute, are developing some of the world’s most resilient minerals processing equipment through the use of composite coatings and laser cladding. 

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“We strongly believe that collaborations between industry and universities are vital in increasingly competitive and globalised markets. Such projects give LaserBond access to expertise and facilities that would be impossible to develop in-house. Co-funding models help us benefit from every R&D dollar and allow us to innovate and stay competitive in a global market.”

Dr Thomas Schläfer, Engineering Manager, R&D, LaserBond

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Playford Professor Business Growth & Director: Aust Centre for Business Growth, UniSA Business
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