Gym memberships increase by approximately 40% in January, but 54% of gym members don’t turn up. This disengagement with exercise is not a new phenomenon and lack of motivation is one of the key factors contributing to a lack of commitment to exercise. 

The good news for any non-exercisers out there is that motivation can be developed. Once lost, it isn’t lost forever. 

Watch this episode of UniSA’s Best on Ground and hear from former Adelaide Crows player Courtney Cramey and Dr Alyson Crozier and Brad Stenner from UniSA as they discuss motivation and exercise. 

UniSA's Best on Ground series: motivation and goal setting


Tips to stay motivated

1. Exercise with others

  • Plan to meet a friend at the gym or join a sports team – this will make you more committed to exercise, and make exercise more enjoyable.
  • A pilot research project conducted by UniSA’s Dr Carol Maher and PhD graduate Jocelyn Kernot found that those who participate in peer group support increase their physical activity by almost three hours per week.  
  • Creating teams to generate support and friendly rivalry is a powerful motivator for encouraging exercise performance. 

2. Exercise outdoors 

While all forms of exercise provide health benefits, it’s exercising outdoors – preferably with other people or animals – that will have the maximum impact on your health, as outdoor exercise can help with stress reduction and is more enjoyable. 

3. Set SMART goals

Did you know that 92% of people don’t achieve their goals?* A common mistake people make is setting a goal that is too broad. For example, ‘I want to exercise more’. This doesn’t clearly define what you want to achieve. What does ‘more’ mean?

Exercise goals need to be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Instead of ‘I want to exercise more’, consider ‘I want to exercise three times a week for 45 minutes’. This will give you a clear target and indicator of success. 


Make sure to watch episode two of UniSA's Best on Ground series. It's all about nutrition and staying hydrated. 


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