The Adelaide Crows Football Club

Smart sport is a team effort

In 1991, two organisations were founded with a common purpose – to represent and bring together South Australia.

When captain Chris McDermott laced up his footy boots for the first Adelaide Crows AFL game on 22 March 1991, the University of South Australia was welcoming its first group of students after its establishment on 1 January.

With an aligned commitment to developing the state, enhancing sports research and supporting women in sport, UniSA formally joined forces with the Adelaide Football Club in 2017, signing on as a Premier Partner of the club and championing both the Crows men's AFL and women's AFLW teams.

This partnership builds on our existing relationship, which was founded on knowledge sharing, student placements and health promotion. Our established reputation and extensive expertise in sport and health sciences education, training and research, as well as our world-class teaching staff – including Australia’s leading exercise scientists, high-performance coaches and even AFL sports scientists – will allow us to continue to shape the world of sport. This partnership will enable further research collaboration, student placement opportunities, and engagement opportunities for staff, students and the wider UniSA community.

UniSA and Crows partnership signing

A strong history

The partnership between UniSA and the Adelaide Football Club didn't just start in 2017 – we have a long-standing history of collaboration.

  • The Adelaide Football Club has provided UniSA human movement students with placement opportunities since 2012
  • UniSA researchers have worked directly with the Crows’ performance and training staff to share high performance, health and wellbeing strategies
  • The Adelaide Football Club has supported the efforts of our research students
  • The expertise of the Adelaide Football Club is embedded into our teaching and research practices, with visiting lecturers, working with our exercise and sport science students and acting as an industry advisor for our research projects
  • UniSA alumni work across the Adelaide Football Club in a range of roles, not just with the team but in operational roles 
  • Adelaide Crows players continue to study with UniSA in a wide variety of programs including business, health and education.


An elite athlete-friendly university

A number of past and present Crows players have studied with us as part of our Elite Athlete and Performer Program, which provides flexible study options and a range of support services to help athletes as well as performing artists to achieve a dual career and a healthy balance between sport and study. 

For more information, visit the Elite Athlete and Performer Program web page


UniSA's Best on Ground series 

Revisit UniSA’s Best on Ground series, presented by UniSA and the Adelaide Crows Football Club, and featuring former Adelaide Crows Women’s team member Courtney Cramey.

This two-part series explored the importance of nutrition when exercising and how to stay motivated to achieve your exercise goals. 

Learn from Courtney and leading UniSA researchers as they explore what to eat and drink before, during and after a game, and share easy tips to stay motivated and achieve your performance goals.

Episode 1: Exercise and Nutrition

Episode 2: Motivation