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Staff employed – 1.6% are Aboriginal Peoples

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Aboriginal students supported by UniSA

RAP Dashboard 2022



students from the most diverse backgrounds in South Australia

2021 Department of Education, Skills and Employment Data – Equity Groups

UniSA is Australia’s University of Enterprise and is globally known for relevance, equity and excellence. We prepare global learners from all backgrounds, instilling professional skills and knowledge and the capacity and drive for life-long learning; and we undertake research that is inspired by global challenges and opportunities, delivers economic and social benefits and which informs our teaching programs.

We’re South Australia’s largest university and leading provider of education internationally. Our community is nearly 300,000 strong across our staff, student and alumni base, and grows exponentially, with our community, industry and business partners included.

At a glance, we:

  • Offer more than 200 world-class degrees that have been designed in partnership with industry and in areas of current and emerging demand
  • Hold a network of 240,000+ alumni, based in Australia and over 130 other countries worldwide
  • Have 20+ research institutes, centres and concentrations, including our flagship Future Industries Institute and our significant alliance, the Centre for Cancer Biology
  • Give back to our community through a range of clinics and public services, and cultural, art and science spaces and initiatives
  • Collaborate with more than 2,500 companies worldwide
  • Are physically based in Adelaide – across four campuses – and in regions, in Whyalla and Mount Gambier, and virtually, via UniSA Online.

We are one of the best young universities in the world
(Ranked #52, 2023 THE Young University Rankings).

And we make an impact:

  • #1 in Australia for graduate employability
    (QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey, 2020-22 – Employability Skills Indicator. Public universities.)
  • Top 5 in Australia for quality education
    (Ranked 3rd, 2023 THE University Impact Rankings)
  • #1 in South Australia for student satisfaction
    (ComparED (QILT) Course Experience Questionnaire 2021-22 – Overall Satisfaction Indictors (Undergraduate). SA public universities)
  • #1 in South Australia for overall quality of education experience
    (ComparED (QILT) Student Experience Survey 2020-2021, Overall Quality of Educational Experience Indicator (Undergraduate). SA Universities)
  • #1 in South Australia for student support
    (ComparED (QILT) Student Experience Survey 2020 – 2021, Student Support Indicator (Postgraduate). SA Universities)
  • #1 young university in Australia for industry research income
    (2023 THE Young University Rankings)
  • Top 5 young university in Australia for research quality
    (Ranked #4, 2023 THE Young University Rankings)

UniSA’s foundation recognises Aboriginal education, and we have long been a strong advocate for reconciliation. The UniSA Act 1990 established the University, and set at its core, legislative commitments to provide opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples and education, building on the strong foundation set by its antecedent institutions. We were the first university in South Australia to issue a statement of commitment to reconciliation, and we remain committed to Aboriginal education as we are embarking on our third RAP. Importantly, this plan is informed by several pivotal global, national and sector pieces, such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Act 1991 and the Universities Australia Indigenous Strategy 2022-2025; and is complemented and supported by internal academic, research and employment strategic plans, including UniSA’s Academic Enterprise Plan 2021-2025, Aboriginal Research Strategy 2019-2025 and the Yaitya Warpulai Tappa (Aboriginal Employment Action Plan) – the latter of which will be released in late 2023.