Afghan refugees ‘transform and rejuvenate’ Port Adelaide LGA

Hazara Afghan refugees have helped to transform two local government areas in South Australia socially, culturally and economically: the Port Adelaide and Enfield communities.

In this video, UniSA researcher Dr David Radford discusses the multiple benefits that Hazara migrants from Afghanistan have brought to the region over the past 15 years, as well as the challenges they have experienced in integrating into a foreign land.

"We looked at how Hazara Afghan refugees – many of them asylum seekers – have become part of their local community since settling in South Australia," Dr Radford says.

"Sport, education, employment and introducing new foods are just some of the ways they have embedded themselves into their new community and become part of the fabric of Port Adelaide and Enfield.

"Often when people look at refugees it is primarily through an economic lens, when in actual fact many of the benefits are social and cultural.

"It hasn't been all rosy; it's not a utopian story, but it's a really positive story of what Australia can be."

Dr Radford along with colleagues from UniSA, Charles Sturt University, the University of Adelaide, and the Multicultural Communities Council of SA have produced a report called Refugees Rejuvenating and Connecting Communities.

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