The University of South Australia offers the following scholarships with stipends to domestic applicants.

Research Training Program domestic (RTPd) Scholarship

Enterprise Research Scholarship (ERS)

These scholarships are available to Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of Australia.

These scholarships include a stipend (living allowance) and a fee offset for a limited time.  Note that all domestic research degree applicants may be offered an RTPd fee-offset scholarship without a stipend.  Please check your offer carefully to ensure that it is suitable for you. 

Please note that Enterprise Research Scholarships are also available to International students (where applicable). Please see the International scholarships page for further information.

Benefits and conditions

You must read the  Scholarship Benefits and Conditions (PDF file, 447 kb) before accepting an offer from us. These conditions apply to all domestic students who accept an offer from us.  You can also view our Research Degrees and Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships policy.


The total stipend is at least $32,500 per annum (2023 stipend rate) paid fortnightly over 3 years for PhD students and over 2 years for master of research students. Limited relocation expenses may be reimbursed. A thesis allowance is available.

How to apply

Applications are made online via a project that has an assigned scholarship. View our step by step guide on how to apply.


Your question might be answered on the RTP FAQs website.

If not, please contact us.

Aboriginal Enterprise Research Scholarship

The Aboriginal Enterprise Research Scholarship (AERS) is available to any future-commencing Australian Aboriginal applicant who holds an offer of admission to a research degree without a living allowance. This scholarship is to the value of $46,653 per annum, in line with the current maximum RTP rate.

Any Aboriginal Enterprise Research Scholarship recipient will also receive a fee waiver.

Conditions align to the RTPd and ERS scholarship as described above.

Increased Stipend Rate for Australian Aboriginal Research Candidates

All commencing Australian Aboriginal applicants who hold an offer of admission with a non-AERS scholarship will be eligible to receive an increased stipend rate of $46,653 per annum.

For more information on the Aboriginal Enterprise Research Scholarship or the Increased Stipend Rate for Aboriginal Research Candidates please contact us.