When you submit the application form, your referee will receive an email within one business day, asking them to complete a referee report for you. We require at least one of your referees to complete a report before we will consider your application, so it’s important for you to check in with your referees before submitting your application.

If possible, please provide the academic or institutional email address of your referees when completing your application. If we cannot independently verify the email address as belonging to the listed referee, we may not be able to use it in our assessment.

If you have additional letters of reference that you would like us to consider in your application, please upload these with your CV when completing the application.

Who can I ask to be a referee?

Your referees should be academic university staff members or professional staff that know you well enough to support your research degree application and may be any of the following:

  • Lecturer
  • Course Coordinator or Program Director
  • Head of School or Department
  • Honours Supervisor
  • Postgraduate Coursework Supervisor
  • Research Degree Supervisor
  • Examiner of your thesis
  • Other formal supervisory academic relationship
  • Employer (please note that your employer must be able to provide details about your research capabilities)

You can list members of the supervisory panel of the project that you are applying for as a referee only if they have supervised you in one of the roles described above.

What are my responsibilities?

  • In your online application, you will need to provide details of your two nominated referees
  • Ensure that your referees are aware that they will receive a referee report to complete within one business day of your submission. Your referee will have five business days to complete the report.
  • The referee reports are confidential so you will not be able to view the content or see them attached to your application.

What are your referees' responsibilities?

Referees must:

  • Complete all sections of the report
  • Be able to attest to your research capabilities and your academic performance
  • Complete the report within five business days.

 Step 4: Prepare to apply