For each undergraduate and postgraduate qualification that you have studied, ensure that you have collated the essential mandatory documents/academic records as listed below

  • University academic mark sheet or transcript including details of courses/subjects undertaken and grades achieved. If your original transcript is not in English you must upload both the original and an official certified English language translation.
  • University grading scale (often contained on the back page of your transcript, e.g. A = 85% to 100%).
  • University diploma supplement (if applicable).
  • Parchment/academic credential as evidence of conferral or completion date of your degree - this might be printed on your transcript.

Additionally international applicants should include evidence of English language proficiency.

All the documents from each qualification should be combined into a single file that you can upload to your application.

Your application cannot be assessed without appropriate evidence.  If you have applied for a competitive scholarship your application may be overlooked if you do not provide us with the correct information.

There is no requirement to send certified copies or original documents when applying. If these are needed we will request them.  Information about this can be found here. Please ensure you have access to your original documents throughout the application process.

 Step 5: Apply online