02 March 2021

In late 2020, Creative People, Products and Places (CP3) announced the winners of the inaugural CP3 Arts and Culture Prize. Inspired by the ways in which humans internationally variously turned to arts and culture for support, connection and entertainment during the lockdowns of COVID-19, while simultaneously this sector was one of the hardest hit economically by the pandemic, the CP3 Prize invited competitors to image a world without creativity?

Open to all current UniSA students, the competition invited video entries of 30-60 seconds that highlight the centrality of arts, culture and creativity by visibly removing the presence of creative outputs from everyday life to showcase the value of arts and culture in our everyday lives by envisaging their absence. In a world where policy emphasis is placed largely on economic growth, often the place of arts and culture in our communities has been severely undervalued on its own terms. The disruptions of COVID-19 have caused us to reflect upon what really matters to us; in this new global context, the CP3 Prize seeks to highlight the intrinsic value of creativity in our lives. Judged by a panel which included leading South Australian creative community members, a total prize pool of $4000 was available.

First Prize ($2,000) goes to Cameron Longshaw for ‘Musee de L'utilite’

Runner Up ($1,000) Hee Joo Ahn ‘untitled’

Finalists ($500 each)

Mattias Jackson ‘untitled’

Nicholas Miller ‘Randomized Creative’