Cory Xian
Research Professor, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences
HB6-29, City West Campus
Michelle Su
Research Fellow, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences
HB6-25, City West Campus
Liping Wang
Research Associate, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

Our collaborators

The Bone Growth and Repair research group enjoys productive relationships with various collaborators, including:

  • Associate Professor Bruce Foster (Women's and Children's Hospital)
  • Professor Peter Howe (University of South Australia & University of Newcastle)
  • Professor Ross McKinnon (Flinders University)
  • Professor Xin-Fu Zhou (University of South Australia)
  • Professor Gordon Howarth (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Jiake Xu (University of Western Australia)
  • Professor Hong Zhou (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Alessandro Piergentili (University of Camerino, Italy)
  • Professor Dorothy Keefe and Dr Joanne Bowen (Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide)
  • Associate Professor Bev Muhlhausler (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Susanta hui (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Dr Hamish Wallace (Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, UK)
  • Professor Howard Morris (University of South Australia & IMVS)
  • Professor Keming Chen (Institute of Orthopaedics, Lanzhou, China)
  • Dr Hu Zhang (University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Lin Chen (Daping Hospital Trauma Centre, Chongqing, China)