For men’s health

Almost half of middle-aged Australian men are not getting enough physical activity. So we’re exploring the benefits of group exercise on physical activity levels, health & participation.

We’re exploring:

  • Exercise Motivation
  • Sleep
  • Blood analysis
  • Metabolic Syndrome Risk
  • Psychological needs satisfaction
  • Health-Related Quality of Life
  • Physical Activity Accelerometry

For women’s health

The menstrual cycle may affect physical performance and wellbeing. So we’re exploring how exercise performance, fatigue and wellbeing are affected throughout the cycle.

We’re exploring:

  • Muscular Power
  • Sleep
  • Change in Heart Rate
  • Isokinetic Dynamometry

For people with chronic disease

People with chronic diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and mental illness suffer from reduced physical function, which contributes to hospitalisations, mortality risk and, reduced quality of life. So we’re exploring the associations between modifiable factors and physical function for people living with chronic disease. As well, as physical activity and diet influence patient-reported outcomes for people with chronic disease.

We’re exploring:

  • Physical Activity Accelerometry
  • Muscle Strength
  • Muscle Mass
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness

For people undertaking peritoneal dialysis

Physical activity and exercise are important patient-reported outcomes for people receiving peritoneal dialysis. So we’re developing much needed clinical guidelines on physical activity and exercise to help clinicians.

We’re exploring:

  • Timing of Physical Activity
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Specific Activities
  • Symptoms and Side Effects