The Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L) focuses on the complex relationship between human and artificial cognition, how it changes society, knowledge processes, and teaching and learning. The C3L uses complexity science methodologies, promotes the uptake of applied research and engages with the community, government agencies (healthcare, education, defence, cultural) and industry to research the lifespan of learning and the role of UniSA in serving all stages of knowledge and learning processes.

We have 4 key Research Streams

  • Change in Complex Systems (CCS)
  • Infrastructures for AI (IAI)
  • Human and Artificial Cognition (HAC)
  • Learning Analytics (LA)

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The C3L researches an individual’s lifespan of learning and applies these findings to develop new opportunities for UniSA programs.


Changing Education Symposium 2017

George Siemens, UT-Arlington and Art Graesser, University of Memphis, speak to the larger issues of transforming higher education.


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Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning

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