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This form is for UniSA Study Tours and University of South Australia students only. Please review the application form in full prior to commencing, as you will not be able to save this form.

Before you submit the application, please ensure that you have provided all the correct information. If you accidentally submit incorrect information, please send an email to to let us know of the error.

Once you have submitted the application, you will be sent an email confirming this. If you don’t receive this, make sure to check your spam and junk folders. Email is how we will communicate with you, so it’s important that you make sure you’re checking it regularly and receiving our messages.

Please note: Study Tour applications will be assessed for eligibility - your application does not mean you are automatically accepted/enrolled. We will be in touch with you regarding the outcome of your application.

Application Deadlines

Due to the variety of study tours on offer, there is no single deadline listed here. Please refer to the relevant Study Tour page for specific details - including eligibility criteria, dates and deadlines.

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Terms and conditions for participation in a UniSA Approved Virtual Mobility Program
These terms and conditions must be read, understood and signed by all UniSA students participating in a virtual mobility program including (but not limited to) full semester and short-term exchanges, study tours, placements, internships, research projects, conferences and summer school programs (Program).

    1.  It is my responsibility to undertake adequate research of my intended host region and country to ensure I am prepared for my experience, both academically and culturally.
    2. I agree to participate in all official pre‐departure information activities organised by UniSA prior to my virtual Program and participate in all official orientation activities organised by UniSA or my host during the Program. I agree to attend all classes, seminars or other scheduled academic activities in order to fulfil UniSA degree requirements.
    3. I agree to have full access to the internet to participate and complete the Program. Should I encounter any internet connection issues impeding my ability to participate effectively I will notify UniSA and my host institution immediately.
    4. I understand that I am responsible for my own health and wellbeing while on the Program and I agree to familiarize myself with available UniSA support services which I can access if I require any assistance. I also agree to notify UniSA if I am struggling with online study.
    5. I understand that I am not eligible for any UniSA travel grants, other UniSA subsidies, or any OS-HELP loans whilst completing my studies virtually. External third party or Government grants facilitated by the UniSA Study Overseas team may apply.
    6. I understand that if I do not complete the nominated Program I will be required to refund any and all grant payments, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. Failure to do so may result in being placed in Bad Financial Standing and/or other serious consequences.
    7. I will participate diligently in the Program. I will seek assistance or counselling as necessary to ensure I can participate effectively in the Program.
    8. I agree to ensure that I have adequate funds available to cover all costs associated with my participation in the Program, including costs for internet access.
    9. I will be undertaking this Program online only and as a result of this, I understand that I will not be covered by UniSA Travel Insurance.
    10. I understand that studying online may be difficult and different than to what I am used to, and that external factors may affect my ability to keep up with my course workload. E.g., time zones, cultural differences, teaching methods, and no lack of face-to-face contact with students or staff. I agree to reach out for support if this happens.
    11. I understand that while I am on the Program, I am a representative of UniSA and I will conduct myself according to the principles and expectations outlined in the UniSA Code of Conduct for Students (, and Statute No. 7 – Student Misconduct  ( I will treat all participants in the Program, as well as UniSA staff and students, with courtesy and respect at all times.
    12. I understand that my details (full name, UniSA email address, phone number and program details) may be provided to the Exchange Partner/Mobility Experience Provider that I have listed in my application.
    13. I will provide a report regarding my participation in the Program within six weeks of the Program ending. The report I irrevocably licence UniSA to use for educational and promotional purposes.
    14. I agree to assist UniSA with the promotion and facilitation of virtual mobility experiences, such as participating in student-facing events, or in promotional campaigns. I irrevocably licence UniSA to use my image for the purposes of promoting overseas mobility programs. I consent to UniSA disclosing my name and information regarding my participation in the Program for the purpose of promoting overseas mobility programs.
    15. I understand that upon conclusion of the Program, I will complete all reporting and assessment requirements by UniSA within a satisfactory time period. Failure to complete such reports and requirements may result in a Fail Incomplete / Unsatisfactory result for the UniSA equivalent unit.
    16. I agree to undertake all program requirements as per the host’s local country time set out to me prior to commencement.
    17. I agree to check my UniSA email account regularly while I am participating in the Program to ensure that I receive important information from the University and can respond in a timely manner.
    18. I will inform UniSA immediately if my circumstances alter or I become aware that information I have provided to UniSA in connection with my participation in the Program is incomplete or incorrect. I understand that UniSA may vary or cancel any decision it has made regarding my participation in the Program if information I have provided is incomplete or incorrect, and any of the consequences described in clause 19 may apply.
    19. I will inform UniSA immediately in writing, if there are any changes to the Program, including cancellation of the Program, my withdrawal from the Program, termination of my participation in the Program, any change to courses offered during the Program, any change of the host organisation or duration of the Program, or other material change to the Program. I understand that my continued involvement in the Program is subject to UniSA approving any changes to the Program. If changes are not approved by UniSA, I understand that my participation in the Program may be terminated and any of the consequences described in clause 19 may apply.
    20. I understand that violation of these terms and conditions set may result in my participation in the Program being terminated, forfeiting all credit, fees and charges or being asked to pay back any scholarships, grants or loans I have received from UniSA or my overseas host institution. Violation of these conditions may also preclude my eligibility to participate in other overseas or virtual mobility experiences offered by UniSA. I understand that any breaches of UniSA Student Behavioural Misconduct Rules may result in further disciplinary action in accordance with University rules and policies.

I understand that failure to abide by these terms and conditions to participate in the virtual Program may result in disciplinary action by the University of South Australia and/or the host institution, and that it may also result in delays in transfer of academic credit to the University of South Australia.

I declare that I have carefully read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions above