Rennes School of Business


Rennes, France 


Available for UniSA Business students only 
Dual Articulation available for DBBN students

  • University overview minus-thick plus-thick

    Founded in 1990, Rennes School of Business is in the capital of Brittany, in north-west France. The school has a strong international focus, with several programs taught in English and has achieved Triple Crown accreditation with EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. 
    The campus is ten minutes from Rennes city centre and is accessible 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Rennes School of Business is highly ranked and is considered to be the most international School of Management in Europe. With 95% of faculty members being non-French, 55% foreign students, classes in English and a network of more than 350 partner universities worldwide, Rennes School of Business gives the students a unique opportunity to learn in a continuous international environment. 
    With a variety of student associations present, campus life at Rennes is sure to keep you busy! 

  • City overview minus-thick plus-thick

    Rennes, the capital of the region of Brittany is in northwestern France, is 1.5 hours from Paris with a new high speed train. The city was voted ‘best student city’ by L’Étudiant magazine in 2016 and ‘most liveable city in France’ by L’Express in 2018. It is also known to be one of the most festive cities of France, investing heavily in arts and culture, and hosting several festivals. The young demographic of the city (over a quarter of its residents are students) contributes to the city’s vibrant nightlife and festive spirit in the community. The famous Musee des Beaux-Arts, home to pieces by Rubens, Gauguin, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo is well worth a visit.

  • Key attractions minus-thick plus-thick
    • Musee des Beaux-Arts 
    • Champs Libres 
    • Musee de Bretagne 
    • Espace des Sciences 
    • Piscine Saint Georges 
    • Cathedrale St Pierre 
    • Palais du Parlement de Bretagne 
    • Mont Saint Michel 
  • Country overview minus-thick plus-thick

    France, officially the French Republic or République Française, is a country in Western Europe bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, and Spain. The capital city of Paris is the country's largest city and main cultural and commercial centre. Other major urban areas include Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille and Nice.

    France has a population of around 65.1 million people, ranking 22nd in the world. The official language is French, but the central location of this country makes it likely that you’ll hear many different languages, and be understood perfectly well in English. France is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world. It is also the world's most visited country with 86 million annual visitors - more than its own total population! International travellers flock to France to explore cultural centres such as Paris and Strasbourg, sample the fine foods and wines, enjoy the beaches and see the French Alps. If you have an interest in art, food, architecture, literature and fashion, Paris is a must-see. There are also many other cities such as Toulouse and Marseille that expand upon the attractions Paris has to offer, each with their own respective aesthetic. Despite France’s reputation for city life, approximately 80% of France is countryside, dotted with picturesque villages. You easily spend years trying to discover all France has to offer, however it’s worth remembering that when in France you will be just a short tunnel ride to the UK, and within easy reach of all Europe has to offer.

    Did you know?

    France, with its overseas territories, has 12 time zones, the largest number of any country. 'Le Procope' in Paris, which opened in 1694, is the oldest café or coffee shop in the world.

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Rennes School of Business Factsheet

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Rennes School of Business webinar

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UniSA exchange deadline

August 1st to go on exchange in SP2

January 11th to go on exchange in SP5


How to apply

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Autumn Semester (SP5)
September to December

Spring Semester (SP2)
January to May

  • Available study areas in English minus-thick plus-thick


    • Finance and Banking 
    • Human Resource Management 
    • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 
    • Sales and Marketing 


    • Corporate Social Responsibility 
    • Finance 
    • Human Resource Management 
    • Innovation Management 
    • International Business 
    • Marketing 
    • Supply Chain Management 
  • Dual articulation exchange program minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business (DBBN) have a unique opportunity to receive two degree parchments in just three years of full-time study, by completing a one-year exchange in the International Bachelor Programme of Management at Rennes School of Business.

    The qualifications achieved upon completion will be:

    • Bachelor of Business from UniSA
    • International Bachelor Programme in Management from Rennes School of Business

    How does it work?

    You will complete twelve courses in the Bachelor of Business at UniSA before starting your exchange year in France. The exchange will commence in September of each year and finish at the end of August of the following year. On successful completion of the exchange, you will return to UniSA to complete your final four courses.

    Once you have completed all requirements at Rennes School of Business and at UniSA, you will graduate in Adelaide to receive your UniSA degree and parchment. Your parchment for the Rennes International Bachelor in Management will be posted to UniSA for your collection.

    What will you study?

    Below are draft study plans you will need to follow to be eligible for this exchange agreement. Students who vary their study may be ineligible to participate. If you have any questions, please make an appointment with the Business Hub.

  • Academic requirements minus-thick plus-thick

    All students must meet standard exchange selection criteria as well as any host institution requirements.

    Two years (72 UniSA units) of Business studies are required to be accepted at undergraduate level (the exception to this is DBBN dual-award articulation students)

    If you would like to participate in the one-year international exchange program, please discuss this with the UniSA Business Hub. The one-year program is only available for DBBN students.

  • Required documentation minus-thick plus-thick
    • UniSA academic transcript 
    • Passport 
    • Evidence of English/French proficiency 
    • CV 
    • Motivation letter (if you are applying to undertake the double degree program only)
    • List of Rennes courses 
    • One passport-sized photos (additional photos will be required at registration on campus) 
  • Credit Equivalencies minus-thick plus-thick

    Credits are measured by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the following applies: 

    • 18 units = 30 ECTS 
    • 13.5 units = 22.5 ECTS 

    It can sometimes be difficult to make up exactly 22.5 units (not all courses will be worth exactly 7.5 ECTS), but you should be able to get very close. Make sure you check with your Program Director if you don’t have exactly 22.5 ECTS.

  • Language requirements minus-thick plus-thick

    For non-native English speakers, you will need to demonstrate a minimum level of B2 (IELTS 6). 

  • Find courses minus-thick plus-thick

    Students must choose courses belonging to the same programme (Level). Choosing courses from different programmes is not possible. Refer to the Course Selection Guidelines 

    • Undergraduate Exchange – Level 2 (Year 2 courses) (only available in SP5)
    • Undergraduate Exchange – Level 3 (Year 3 courses) 
    • Undergraduate Exchange – Level 4 (Year 4 courses, appropriate for final year undergraduate or first year postgraduate students)
    • Postgraduate Exchange – Level 5 (Postgraduate level courses)

    UniSA Business has pre-approved a number of courses and credits for Rennes – undergraduate and postgraduate.

Rennes School of Business Factsheet

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UniSA exchange deadline

August 1st to go on exchange in SP2

January 11th to go on exchange in SP5


How to apply

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Autumn/Winter: 3°c to 17°c 
Spring/Summer: 14°c to 25°c 

€ Euro 

Local language/s

  • Getting there minus-thick plus-thick

    The Well’Come Team student association organises pick up for all exchange students from train or bus stations, or Rennes Airport provided that you arrive during the official arrival dates. More information on how to organise this will be provided after your have been accepted at Rennes. 

    More information on how to get to the campus can be found here. 

  • Accommodation minus-thick plus-thick

    Rennes School of Business operates an accommodation search engine, Studapart for both on-campus and off-campus housing.  There is a student residence available for exchange students, five minutes walking distance from the main campus.   

    More information on accommodation can be found here. 

  • Living costs minus-thick plus-thick

    As an exchange partner with the University of South Australia, you do not have to pay tuition fees to Rennes School of Business, instead you will pay tuition as you would normally at UniSA. Travel and living expenses are at your own cost. The table below gives an indication of costs you will incur: 

    Items Approximate Cost (AUD)
    Return flights from Adelaide $2500 
    Accommodation   $700 to $1,200 per month
    Meals/Groceries  $350 per month 
    Transportation  $50 per month 
    Entertainment and incidentals including phone, laundry etc.  $400 to $500 per month 

    More information can be found here.

  • Funding minus-thick plus-thick

    You may be eligible to receive additional grants or scholarships to fund your experience. For more information please see the funding and scholarships website.

  • Insurance minus-thick plus-thick

    UniSA offers travel insurance as part of your exchange for up to 270 days (can be extended up to 365 days). For more information please see travel insurance website.  
    Please click here to read the travel insurance policy. 
    A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here
    If you have any further questions about travel insurance, please contact the UniSA Insurance Office on 08 8302 1678. 
    As an exchange student at Rennes School of Business, you must register for the compulsory health insurance. More information will be provided to you after you are accepted.

Rennes School of Business Factsheet

Download factsheet

UniSA exchange deadline

August 1st to go on exchange in SP2

January 11th to go on exchange in SP5


How to apply

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Visa information

It is your responsibility to apply for your visa for your overseas study experience. You can refer to the relevant consulate regarding a specific countries visa requirement. UniSA is legally unable to provide visa advise. Please see below links for more information.  
Australian Government DFAT brief on France is available here
France embassy website can be found here
Rennes School of Business student visa FAQ is available here

Register your travel

To participate in an exchange experience, you must register your travel with International SOS (iSOS). We will provide instructions on how to do this throughout the process. 
UniSA has partnered with iSOS to offer our students medical, safety and security advice, referrals, emotional support and routine and emergency assistance when travelling or living abroad. 
For more information please visit the Travel Health and Safety Webpage
Before your departure, we strongly encourage you to visit the Smartraveller website
The website contains important information you need to know about travel documents, up to date travel advisories on destinations you may be travelling to on behalf of the University, travel tips and more. 

Rennes School of Business Factsheet

Download factsheet

UniSA exchange deadline

August 1st to go on exchange in SP2

January 11th to go on exchange in SP5


How to apply

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The Summer Programmes are a unique opportunity for students from around the world to improve their knowledge in different topics.  

Summer Programmes
Rennes, France
UniSA Application Deadline:

Program has now passed. Listed here for reference purposes only.

Program Dates:
Consumer Behavior: 21st to 30th May 2024
Cross Cultural Management: 4th to 13th June 2024
Sustainable Business: 18th to 27th June 2024


6 ECTS (see credit note below)

Program Fee:
No program fee (see below for more information)

Mode of delivery: 
Language of Instruction: 
Program Website: Rennes Website
Program Brochure: Rennes Brochure
Credit Notes:
7.5 ECTS is equal to 4.5 UniSA units
Please note: as 6 ECTS is not equivalent to 4.5 UniSA credits, students will also need to submit an additional piece of assessment, a reflective journal, to UniSA

Program Fee Information:
Students will still need to pay for accommodation and living costs. Refer to partner website for more information.

Funding Available:
OS-HELP loans are available for eligible students.

Eligibility Criteria:
All students must meet standard short-term exchange selection criteria and any host institution requirements. 
Available to undergraduate and postgraduate students

Other Information:
This program is part of student exchange agreement - students stay enrolled at, and pay normal tuition fees, to UniSA.
Exchange places are dependant on availability – other program fees apply, see partner website for details. 
Final credit pre-approval to be determined by your Program Director

Rennes Summer Program website

Visit website

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