Industry to Student Networking Event

Join us at our upcoming Industry to Student Networking Speed-Networking Event, where you will have the opportunity to engage with UniSA Business students seeking an internship. We are continuing with a face-to-face format (COVID pending of course), building on the success of our April event. We had over 100+ students connecting with 60+ industry personnel, from this many matches were made that developed into placements.

This will be a formal, facilitated speed-networking session designed to maximise your opportunity to connect with students seeking internship placement opportunities. At registration you will be required to register up to 4 disciplines you are most interested in speaking with, then in the lead up to the event you will receive more information to ensure you are well prepared. Our format ensures you will be talking for 2 solid hours!


Access motivated students with knowledge of current trends, theories and techniques

A quick walk through
How it will work and how to prepare

Video from April event, some minor changes have been made to format structure.


Assist our emerging graduates to develop their skills in alignment to your industry needs

Key information for employers


This event is for Industry Partners who are interested in engaging a UniSA Business student for an internship.

The UniSA Business Internship Program continues to grow, resulting in enhanced career outcomes for an even greater number of students and connections for industries. Even throughout the challenges of 2020, we adapted modalities to keep placements going.

Confirming the aim of this event is that you will identify with student(s) that you would like to offer an internship, we're anticipating 150-200 students. These students will be seeking 15-day (about 65%), 30-day (about 34%), or possibly 45-day (1%) internships to be completed during one of the following periods:

  • November 2021 to February 2022
  • March 2022 to May 2022
  • June 2022 to August 2022

Proposed Program for the morning:

8:00-8:45 am: Arrive and register, network with industry partners over breakfast (served at 8:00am).
8:45-9:00am: Official welcome and final preparations for 9am sharp start.
9:00-11:00am: Industry and student facilitated networking . Will consist of 4 x 20 minute sessions with students from the disciplines you nominate at registration, then up to 40 minutes open networking.
11:00am: Event close - complete post-event survey to confirm matches

We value your support and hope that you can join us!

Benefits for your organisation

  • Access to motivated students who will bring knowledge of current trends, theories, techniques and ideas
  • Identify potential new employees
  • Develop mentoring and supervision capabilities of current workforce
  • Form valuable links with UniSA Business for future collaborations with students and/or research



  • What do I need to prepare? minus-thick plus-thick

    You will have a 1 minute 'elevator pitch' summarising your organisation and the types of projects/activities that you may have a student intern undertake. The student will have a 30 second version. Each interaction only estimated to last 5 minutes.

  • Will I have the opportunity to meet every/any student I want to? minus-thick plus-thick

    Due to the scale of the event this is likely not possible. However, we do try and rotate people as much as possible. These rotations are all formulated prior to the event based on the preferences noted when you register, this enables you the opportunity to engage with the highest number of relevant students possible.

  • Can I bring more than one staff to the event? minus-thick plus-thick

    Short answer is YES, this was a feedback point from the last event. The catches are that everyone will need to register individually so we can track numbers, and as we are limited with capacity we may have group some staff together to give everyone an opportunity. We would recommend you coordinate your registrations so that you nominate as many disciplines as relevant, spread between your team. Note - we have limited capacity due to COVID-19 so if we run out of space we may ask organisations with multiple registrants to reduce their numbers.

  • Will you share the list of students prior/post the event? minus-thick plus-thick

    We don't share this level of detail prior to the event. We will provide you a sheet which you will use to record the students' name, ID number and any notes. You will then share the details of your preferred students in the survey after the event. The names of registered organisations will be sent in pre-event updates to students so they can undertake some prior research.

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Daryl McMahon
Partner Engagement Manager: Internships, UniSA Business
Y1-65, City West Campus