Still Seeking Placement Opportunities for March 2024 cohort

We're still seeking opportunities for the March 2024 cohort in Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics and some others. If you have a great idea for a placement or want to learn more reach out for a chat -

For all the Key Dates across 2024, check out our 2-page summary of Key Information, Dates & FAQs.

Biannual Industry to Student Speed Networking Event

Action photo from the April 2023 Industry to Student Networking Event

Our biannual events continue to go from strength to strenght, averaging 330 participants across the two events in 2023. We trialled a partnership approach with UniSA STEM (April) and UniSA Creative (September) and will continue these in 2024. 

Next event is Tuesday 9th April 2024, this will be in collaboration with UniSA STEM. Registrations are now open - click here for more information.

We are very excited that our event was recognised as a finalist at the Engagement Australia Awards for Excellence in Industry Engagement. This is the video that supported our submission, a big thank you to Ashlee Milverton from Beyond Bank, and Bianca Romano from Serco, for their participation - both alumni of the internship program:


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UniSA Business adding value to your organisation

The UniSA Business Internship Program gives organisations access to a fresh perspective and knowledge that can assist in their workplace. Employers and companies can host UniSA undergraduate and postgraduate students who will spend up to 30 days in a workplace, depending on the course they are enrolled in. This time is generally spread over a 10-12 week period, however it could also be done as an intensive (i.e. five days per week). The key is finding the balance between student and the organisation, ensuring the student is able to balance other study, work and life commitments.  

Hosting a student placement could involve a particular project or a more observational opportunity, giving students experience in multiple areas of the business.

We support placements undertaken working remotely, recognising that most placements have some remote work aspects already to support a flexible approach. If you have any questions please email

Benefits for your organisation

  • Access to motivated students who will bring knowledge of current trends, theories, techniques and ideas
  • Identify potential new employees
  • Develop mentoring and supervision capabilities of current workforce
  • Form valuable links with UniSA Business for future collaborations with students and/or research


Access motivated students with knowledge of current trends, theories and techniques


Form valuable links with UniSA for future student or research collaborations


Develop the mentoring and supervision capabilities of your current employees

Key information for employers


  • What is the impact of COVID-19? minus-thick plus-thick

    The Business Internship Team remains fully operational. Student placements are still proceeding and we are working with students and hosts to adjust any current placements as required, in order to meet any amended work arrangements implemented by host organisations.
    Placements for the August and November 2020 cohorts are proceeding and we are focussed on working with you to identify opportunities for students to add value during these challenging times.

  • Can students undertake an internship working remotely? minus-thick plus-thick

    The simple answer is yes, we have a long history of students working remotely during their internship. We are also implementing more preparation activities for students to help them adjust to the likelihood that their placement will be undertaken remotely.

  • When is the next cohort? minus-thick plus-thick

    See latest information in the Key Information, Dates & FAQs for Host Organisations available for download above.

  • What options are there for hosting an intern? minus-thick plus-thick

    We have three pathways for students to gain an internship:

    1. Open is when we source opportunities and advertise them to students, who then complete the application process with the final step being a personal interview.
    2. Self-Placement is when students source their own placement and we facilitate the paperwork. 
    3. Facilitated is a new concept we launched recently, whereby we connect industry hosts with students at our networking events. Our next event has been tentatively scheduled for September 2020.
  • What are the overall timelines for the coming year? minus-thick plus-thick

    See latest information in the Key Information, Dates & FAQs for Host Organisations available for download above.

  • How long are internships? minus-thick plus-thick

    Internships are either 15, 30 or 45 days in duration. These are commonly done part-time to balance the student's other commitments and the needs of your organisation, however, can be done in a continuous block of days. Internships of 15 (65%) or 30 (34%) days are most popular to students as they count for some courses but allow some flexibility to take other study options.

  • What are the costs to a host organisation? minus-thick plus-thick

    The Business Internship Program provides course-assessed unpaid internships that meet the requirements of 'legally unpaid' placements under the Fair Work Act 2009. The main cost to the host organisation is staff time needed to plan the internship opportunity and to mentor the intern. The more time spent planning and inducting, the better the placement outcome.

  • What disciplines are the students studying? minus-thick plus-thick

    The Business Internship Program has students from the following discipline areas seeking placements:

    • Commerce: accounting, finance, economics, finance and trade, financial planning
    • Marketing, communications
    • Management, business management, information strategy and management
    • Human resource management
    • Property
    • Tourism and event management
    • Sport and recreation
    • Logistics and supply chain management
    • Arts and cultural management
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Are the internship students moving towards the end of their degree? minus-thick plus-thick

    Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can undertake an internship. Many have already done other work or volunteer placements, and/or have studied overseas.

    Undergraduate students will be at least in their third year of study. Postgraduate students will be in their second year, which for most students is their final year of study.

  • Who covers the insurance? minus-thick plus-thick

    The University of South Australia provides Professional Indemnity, Personal Liability and Personal Accident cover for all students undertaking an approved unpaid internship.

  • Can we offer paid placements? minus-thick plus-thick

    We can support students to utilise their paid placement as a self-sourced placement for their course. As this would make them an employee of your organisation, we would ask for a copy of the employment agreement to confirm they are insured and confirm your acknowledgement that they will be submitted assessments based on their experience.

  • If I submit a proposal, am I guaranteed an intern? minus-thick plus-thick

    We aim to find a balance between the number of internships offered and available students. There is no guarantee, however we will work with you to refine your internship offering so that it is attractive to students and meets your organisational need.

  • How can I get involved in the networking activities for facilitated placements? minus-thick plus-thick

    All host organisations are welcome to attend our structured speed-networking event tentatively schedulded for late September 2020. This will enable you to connect directly with students seeking placements and you can register through Eventbrite.

  • Who can I contact for more information? minus-thick plus-thick

    Please contact Daryl McMahon, Partner Engagement Manager: Internships to find out more.


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