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Following the success of the inaugural 2017 festival - awarded Most Outstanding event for Adelaide Fringe, the Sanaa Festival platform returns in 2019. The festival will kick off in February, with the Sanaa Exhibition, Sanaa Festival, artist talk, Octopizzo lecture, workshops and street art collaborations.

Since its inception, Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity, has reached in excess of 12,000 people. The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre is proud to once again co-present these events.


Octopizzo is an award winning recording and performing artist, humanitarian and entrepreneur. Born in the slums of Kibera - Nairobi, considered one of the largest informal settlements in the world, he worked tirelessly to pursue his career in music.  

Today, he is not only a globally recognised performing artist, he is also acknowledged for his strong passion for community outreach, youth empowerment and philanthropy.

He has served as a Youth Ambassador for non-profit organisations and is also a Prominent Supporter of UNHCR, where he started a dynamic and powerful initiative – Artists for Refugees and Refugeenius, encouraging refugee and Kenyan youth to build their talents through music and the arts. He consistently speaks on refugee matters, and it is through this shared love for art that he has been able to raise the profile of refugee artists and talent. 

He founded not-for-profit Octopizzo Foundation in 2015 and through the Foundation, uses the uniting ingredients of creativity, art, music, culture and sport to support vulnerable and disadvantaged youths to realise their potential and be liberated from the cycle of desperation and dependency.

Join us as we hear from Octopizzo about his life and musical journey, the Octopizzo Foundation, his vast range of community initiatives, as well as his love of music, art and creativity. 

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