03 July - 26 July 2024


The Future Is Now

3 July 2024 - 26 July 2024

'The best way to predict your future is to create it'
Peter Drucker, Management Consultant & Educator.

The Future Is Now exhibition reflects on the interconnected nature of the past, present, and future, highlighting the integral role that art can play in fostering positive change. Presenting a diverse range of possible visions for the coming decade, this body of work from Neami artists encourages reflection on the ever-changing landscape. Whether it’s the swift progress of science, the integration of Artificial Intelligence, or the persistent challenge of the climate emergency, the artwork prompts contemplation about the impact these developments will have on our aspirations.

This exhibition features artworks by local emerging artists who attend the Visual Art Programs run by Neami National, a community mental health service supporting people to achieve mental and physical wellbeing, and pursue a life based on their strengths, values and goals as they engage in their individual recovery.

Artworks will be available for purchase.

Artwork: Butterflies In The Garden, Artist: Mitch Ianni

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Neami National.


amanda butterfield

Amanda Butterfield enjoys using different mediums and has been attending the Neami Comet art group in Port Adelaide for over 3 years. She also enjoys the sharing with other artists and exhibiting her artwork. 


With a longstanding interest in art, Catherine Pallin has witnessed her practice flourish in recent times. For the past seven years, she has been an active member of the Neami Murray Bridge art group. Reflecting on the group, Catherine expresses, “I have always had an art practice, but recently it has flowered. The companionship, laughter and creative support of the group, I love and it encourages me in my creativity. I hope you enjoy our work.”


Cecelia Kluge finds solace and expression through her art, she describes: “Art gives an opportunity for me to express my feelings. Being able to exhibit gives a sense of achievement and excitement that I can show others my artwork.  I began art the first year Neami Drawing Together Art Group started in Murray Bridge. This group is very friendly and caring as well as being a safe place to be. We are  respectful to each other, but I mostly like the fact that we all give each other a hand. Art has got me through some very tough times! By focussing on my art, I can cope better with ‘life’."

JAN Thomas

Jan Thomas's art has ranged from China painting, ceramics, folk art, doll painting and for the last ten years fine art. Describing her style, Jan says, "I mostly paint in acrylics and pastels, and have a particular passion for painting animals in pastels." Her love of animals and concern for conservation and the environment has guided her in her paintings.


Joe Amuso always loved art, especially abstract works but didn’t put paint to canvas until later in life.  Joe’s work is inspired by pop art, colourists and naïve painters. To this artist, painting should be relaxing, fun and spontaneous.  Joe has been attending the various Neami art programs in Port Adelaide for over twelve years and successfully completed his Artist in Residence through Jump Arts.  Joe quotes, “I really like seeing new artists at the groups grow and enjoy themselves making art.  The groups are not just about art, it’s about socialising too.” Joe hopes to have his own solo exhibition in the future.


Mitch Iammi's practice centres around acrylic abstract painting and sculpture drawing heavily on nature and figurative bodies..

sarah donnell

Sarah Donnell is influenced by the power of nature and our relationship to it. Her artistic practice generally consists of acrylic painting on canvas, with drawing underpinning everything she does. Sarah's work is often autobiographical and while the majority of her work weaves tales of strong female characters, such as goddesses, heroines and other notable characters into her artworks she also creates work that is focused on animals, fantasy and nature, like you see here today. Follow Sarah's work on her Instagram: @sarahdonnellart


Stevan Howison states: “My engagement with visual arts - painting, drawing and sculpture - has run on for 30 years and my focus and enthusiasm are as strong as ever. The work has given my life texture, colour and meaning. What is a critical point of view? With my own dissociation, I am in a grey area.  And I mean both culturally and aesthetically. But I press on with the business of being an artist. And from time to time something good springs out. Like amperes in a circuit. Flicker flicker flicker flash.”

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