2018 UniSA Nelson Mandela Lecture

Harvesting passion: Living a Life

Delivered by ROnni kahn
Founder & CEO, OzHarvest

Wednesday 7 November

6.00PM - 7.15PM



Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the UniSA School of Law

In a world where victims are portrayed as perpetrators and global leaders display ruthless narcissism, how do we navigate the values of goodness, kindness and compassion? How do we navigate the political trend of instigating fear in all its insidious nuances, to instead create a world that is hopeful, positive and activates goodness? How do we create a world that encourages collaboration and mindfulness whilst still being productive, effective and impactful and build a brand in the Third Sector that delivers on its promise?

Nelson Mandela, a natural born leader whose core qualities epitomised selflessness and political nous, which led him to fulfil his dream to make his own contribution to the freedom struggle of his people, to his country and subsequently to the world.

He lived an extraordinary life.

In this UniSA Nelson Mandela Lecture, former South African Ronni Kahn will share how she has navigated and built bridges with naysayers, politicians, people in need, and business leaders and has grown a philanthropic enterprise in order to Nourish Our Country by tackling the global issue of Food Waste and transforming lives, with the shadow of Mandela as her guiding light.

ronni kahn

Ronni Kahn founded OzHarvest in 2004, driven by a passion to make a significant difference by stopping good food going to waste and delivering it to people in need; she started with one van in Sydney. After changing the law to make it safe for companies to donate surplus food, she has grown OzHarvest to be Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, opened the first rescued food supermarket and has taken the unique food rescue model global.

Ronni is a powerhouse in the fight against global food waste and a renowned international speaker on this issue. OzHarvest partners annually with the United Nations Environment to raise awareness about global food waste. In Australia, Ronni is working with Government and key stakeholders to halve food waste nationally by 2030 and is now a member of the Federal Government’s National Food Waste Strategy Steering Committee.

Ronni’s journey tackling the global issue of food waste was closely followed by an independent documentary film crew over the last three years. Food Fighter received critical acclaim after its cinema release in June 2018. OzHarvest introduced a new impact campaign #fightfoodwaste to support the film and inspire consumers to reduce food waste at home.

Ronni has received numerous accolades for her entrepreneurship and positive impact in sustainability, including; Australian Local Hero (2010), BOSS magazine Top 21 True Leaders (2017), Gourmet Traveller Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality (2017) and Griffith University Doctor of the University (honoris causa).The ripple effect of her unwavering passion and innovation is fuelling action across the globe.

Web: https://www.ozharvest.org/ 
Twitter: @OzHarvest and @RonniOzHarvest 
YouTube: We Are OzHarvest 




Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the UniSA School of Law

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