Greece and the Eurozone Crisis

Past, Present and Perspectives for the Future

Wednesday 24 June 2015


with H.E. Mr. Haris Dafaranos, Ambassador of Greece to Australia

Podcast available HERE (mp3 format 13MB)

The lecture aims to elucidate the causes that brought on the crisis. On the one hand, the deficiencies of economic governance by the Greek State. On the other, those of the European architecture in 2009.  Aspects such as the European convergence criteria: budget deficit and national debt ceilings, will be addressed, along with the dimension of over borrowing of Greece.  Another crucial question is whether this crisis could have been foreseen and averted. 

Other items included in the presentation:

  • The importance of the European solidarity.
  • The impact of imposed austerity on Greece in order to repay her debt.
  • The impact of structural reforms.
  • Brain drain and impoverishment of an entire society.
  • Stereotypes. Finger pointing.
  • The European project perspective.
  • Can we be optimistic about the future?


Ambassador Haris DafaranosAmbassador Haris Dafaranos will be presenting this lecture on the occasion of his official visit to South Australia.

Ambassador Dafaranos is a career diplomat. Born in Athens in 1955, he studied Law and English Literature. He joined the Hellenic Diplomatic Service in 1980. He has served in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Sweden, South Africa, India, West Africa and in Australia since November 2012.



Embassy of Greece in Canberra

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