Creative Learning Initiative

Examining Creative Learning and Community
in the Education Space

Thursday 4 June




With Dr Brent Hasty, Director of ‘MINDPOP

Podcast available HERE (23MB mp3 format).

With the demand for innovation and creative thinkers at an all-time high, leaders in education are responding in interesting ways. Dr Hasty will examine how a systemic effort in Austin, Texas is changing the way Educators, Artists and the community are approaching instruction of young people. Using the Creative Learning Initiative as a model, Dr Hasty will detail some of the exciting impacts on students revealed in the research and share some of the unrealised hopes of the initiative.

Dr Brent HastyDr Brent Hasty is the Executive Director of MINDPOP, a solutions-based organisation in Austin, Texas ensuring each and every child benefits from creative learning. MINDPOP is the managing partner of the Creative learning Initiative, an innovative citywide collaboration providing equitable access of the arts and creative learning through increased access to arts learning, professional development for teachers, campus planning and the integration of community-based arts organisations. Brent is also a former High School teacher and Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin in the College of Education.


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