Advanced Australia: The Politics of Ageing

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Presentation and Book Signing by Mark Butler


Thursday 24 September 2015



Podcast available HERE (mp3 format 23 MB)

The average Australian’s life expectancy has increased by twenty-five years over the past century—from mid–fifties to early eighties - a monumental achievement with huge political impact. For decades to come ageing will touch almost every area of policy - retirement incomes, housing, employment, urban design, health …

The greying Baby Boomers are leading this debate, both because of the size of their generation, as well as their history of reshaping every phase of life in their own image. Advanced Australia takes up this challenge and makes the case for a more positive approach to ageing and one that argues for the continuing contribution older Australians make to our community.

‘Mark Butler has done himself and his country proud with this excellently researched book on one of the most pressing issues confronting us today. Mark combines impressively dispassionate analysis with a genuine understanding of the intensely human emotions involved in so many aspects of this subject.’ - BOB HAWKE

Mark Butler has been the Labor Member for Port Adelaide in the federal parliament since 2007 and served as Minister for Ageing in the Gillard government. He has also held the ministries of Mental Health, Housing, Homelessness, Social Inclusion, Climate Change and the Environment. In 2013 Mark was awarded the Alzheimer’s Disease International Award for Outstanding Global Contribution to the Fight against Dementia. Mark is currently the Labor spokesperson for the Environment, Climate Change and Water and national president of the Australian Labor Party.


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