Gallery open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (Thursdays until 7pm)
Hawke Building Level 3, UniSA City West campus, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Neami National

Cultivate explores the concept of recovery through nurturing and strengthening a person’s identity. Featuring multidisciplinary artworks by emerging artists attending the Neami National Visual Art Programs, the exhibition encompasses the depth of the human psyche and the community connection we invest in to grow and flourish. 

“Cultivate explores why we need, as a community to bond in the human experience. In a world where fear is currency, this exhibition celebrates diversity and encourages respect for all. Recovery makes everyone stronger and lightens the load through art and beauty” – Betty Artis, Neami National

Creative team: Artist and Curator Elyas Alavi and Arts Coordinator Vass Hay, Neami National Port Adelaide


artwork Daniel Kean, Tiger ManDANIEL KEAN

Daniel has been making art as long as he can remember. He studied at the Adelaide Central School of Art in Norwood and his favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and various rock album cover designers. He is an artist of peace- and as INXS would say, “Calling all nations, put it on the line…” . Daniel hopes to have his own studio one day. 

Image: Tiger Man, Daniel Kean

artwork Catherine Pallin, Viola Yellow and Red flowerCATHERINE PALLIN

Catherine has always enjoyed drawing and painting. "There is an energy of adventure when I paint that I love." 

She looks forward to creating more work in the future and developing her skills.

Image: Viola, Catherine Pallin

artwork Joe AmusoJOE AMUSO

Joe always loved art, especially abstract works, but never put paint to canvas until later in life. Joe’s work is inspired by pop art, colourists and naïve painters. 

To this artist, painting should be relaxing, fun and spontaneous.

Image: Vibrant Lives, Joe Amuso

artwork Malcolm Derwas landscape dunes sea and boatsMALCOLM DERWAS

Malcolm has attended the Port Adelaide art group for over 10 years. He likes to design landscapes in oil paint using his own unique vision, rather than painting from a photo. 

Malcolm paints almost every day and is now branching out into portraiture.

Image: A Walk on the Beach, Malcolm Derwas

artwork Phillip Miller, magpiePHILLIP MILLER

Phillip has a passion for photography and a very keen eye for detail.

He manipulates his images on Photoshop and loves to recreate landscapes, both natural and urban, with a layer of colour.

Image: Spirit Dance, Phillip Miller


artwork Lynne Hartman, untitledLYNETTE HARTMAN

Over the years Lynnette has worked on many new techniques to manipulate her images in Photoshop.

She is creative and natural when capturing images with the camera.

Image: Untitled, Lynette Hartman


artwork Rob Lockett, untitledROB LOCKETT

Rob is an auto-didactic visual artist with interests also in photography. He always loved arts books as a kid, but as he is now semi-retired he has more time to have a go.

Image: La Tomatina, Rob Lockett


artwork Rob Lockett, untitledBETTY ARTIS

Betty has been attending the Comet Arts group in Elizabeth for several years. She began painting with acrylic producing portraits and is now embracing coloured pencils as an art form. Betty enjoys new challenges and looks forward to where these opportunities will take her. 

Image: Tranquil Valley, Betty Artis


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