2019 Exhibitions

Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity
4 February - 27 March

Showcasing the artwork and artistic talent of East and West African street and visual artists, Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity will be returning to the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in 2019. 

An exciting showcase of talented street and visual artists involved in the Sanaa multi-arts festival platform. The exhibition will include an award-winning Ugandan photographer, a Zambian artist exploring female identity, a Ghanaian installation artist, a leading South African contemporary artist, new street artists from East Africa and local artists.  

There will be an opportunity to hear first-hand from the artists, who will talk about their creative journey. 
Thursday 21 February, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery.

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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Sanaa Ink. This is an Adelaide Fringe Event 

Fire and Flavour

1-26 April 

A collection of photographs recording the journey photographer Tony Lewis and writer Nigel Hopkins made to Thailand with chef Nu Suandokmai, to Nu’s family farm where he was taught to cook by his mother and older sister Lek.

Nu’s whole family grew up knowing how to cook, and some of his siblings run restaurants in Bangkok.  The aim of the journey was to document the food grown and cooked on the farm, and produce a book as a tribute to Nu’s mother. 

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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, as part of Tasting Australia


1-16 May

Cultivate explores the concept of recovery through nurturing and strengthening a person’s identity. Featuring multidisciplinary artworks by emerging artists attending the Neami National Visual Art Programs, the exhibition encompasses the depth of the human psyche and the community connection we invest in to grow and flourish.

“Cultivate explores why we need, as a community to bond in the human experience. In a world where fear is currency, this exhibition celebrates diversity and encourages respect for all. Recovery makes everyone stronger and lightens the load through art and beauty” – Betty Artis

Creative team: Artist and Curator Elyas Alavi and Arts Coordinator Vass Hay.

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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Neami National

SA Refugee Week 2019 Youth Poster Awards Exhibition 11-28 June

In this exhibition of posters we see students taking a leadership role in empathising with, offering support and advocating for, the world’s most vulnerable, and especially refugees displaced across the world, those coming to our shores and those presently within Australia’s guardianship. Where some might find it more convenient to either ignore or depreciate the plight of people fleeing their homelands and desperate for sanctuary, these students have taken on the mantle of ethical warriors, standing up for the weakened and willing to do what is needed to bring the social and economic justice we, as a country, advanced all those years ago.

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the Australian Migrant Resource Centre

1-29 July

In this exhibition, that traverses both Nexus Arts Gallery and the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, visual artists Elyas Alavi, Avan Anwar and Sha Sarwari’s practices consider conflict, displacement, news headlines and empathy as broad international concepts, while commenting on personal, cultural and collective experiences within an Australian context.

Creative team: Elyas Alavi (SA / Afghanistan), Avan Anwar (VIC / Kurdistan), Ali Eslami (Iran), Sha Sarwari (VIC / Afghanistan), Dominic Symes (SA)
Curated by Priya Pavri (SA)

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Nexus Arts, Exhibited at both Nexus Art Gallery, Lion Arts Centre (17 June - 19 July), and the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery (1-29 July)

Art by Prisoners
1-30 August

Art is a constructive activity through which to express and manage these emotions, unearth new talents and strengths, help reconnect with lost identities and find new ones, creating a vision and hope for a more positive future. Art by Prisoners comprises artwork created by people incarcerated in South Australia’s adult prisons. The works offer glimpses into the pain, isolation, and regret often experienced as a result of crime and punishment.

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, as part of SALA

4 September to 2 October 2019

The lotus flower is with the scum and the water, but it remains untouched by any pollution. Raag Maroo, Mehla 1, Ang 990

The lotus flower grows up through murky waters whilst its roots sink deep into the mud. It reaches towards the light and blooms into a beautiful flower, floating atop the water, remaining level and untouched by the mire below.

Kamal will see Tutti Arts visual artists come together with the Sikh community to explore the lotus flower and its place in Sikh culture. The artists have all faced adversity but, like the lotus, they strive for the light and create beauty through their art.

Tutti has also invited artists Daniel Connell and Amardeep Shergill to create works in response to the lotus.

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Image credit: Megan Long, Tutti Artist

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Tutti Arts

Visualising Mental Health Exhibition
8 October to 23 October

This exhibition is a showcase of inventive and visionary design work from students working on an important community health project, Visualising Mental Health, aimed at developing products and tools which will directly benefit and empower the community by improving mental health.

Visualising Mental Health is an initiative of Match Studio at the University of South Australia. It brings together psychologists from the community (led by clinician Dr Gareth Furber) with 3rd Year Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) students at UniSA to develop unique methods for communicating mental health and wellbeing concepts to the broader community.

The exhibition coincides with World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10 October. 

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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Match Studio, University of South Australia

Clothing for Good
8 October to 23 October

The clothes we wear play an active role in how we relate to the world. Clothes enable people to express their values, interests and identity and they instil independence, confidence and dignity. However, while the personal and social benefits of clothing are positive, an obsession for new clothes in fuelling Australia’s increasing levels of textile waste, which often includes items that have never or hardly been worn.

Hosted between UniSA and AnglicareSA Thread Together program this exhibition explores how clothing reuse can support environmental and human wellbeing. 

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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, UniSA School of Art, Architecture and Design/Master of Design program and Anglicare SA

Martha Cooper: Street Shots 1970 – 2019
28 October to 20 November

New York photographer Martha Cooper’s photos have been credited with spreading urban art worldwide. “Street Shots 1970-2019” draws on her extensive body of work, showcasing her unique perspective on creativity in everyday life.

"1977, the Bronx was burning down. No one really wanted to write that graffiti was an interesting thing. But I don’t want to shoot something that’s done with permission. It’s an outlaw art. That’s what makes it thrilling.” - Martha Cooper

Image credit: Martha Cooper, Subway Art

 Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University of South Australia  

Activism Now
25 November to 20 December

While the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in South Australia is a timely reminder that there have always been ideas worth fighting for, Activism Now demonstrates that political engagement matters as much now as it ever has.

Featuring the voices and concerns of six young, self-identified women activists, this exhibition at once confronts the visitor with the harsh realities we face today, and provides hope for a better future.

Presented by the Centre of Democracy in partnership with the The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre 

 The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre reserves the right to change this exhibition program at any time without notice.