Kerry Packer Civic Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition dates: Monday 3 July - Wednesday 26 July

Gallery open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (Thursdays until 7pm)
Hawke Building level 3, UniSA City West campus, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide

A mentoring exhibition by Nikki Carabetta-Baugh and emerging Aboriginal artists.

Everyone has a story, everything has a story and every place has a story. Each and every story is unique to that person, object, time and place; yet somehow they are all linked. We may all have different stories but through time and space we are connected, we share similar experiences, have comparable goals and ambitions in our lives and connect in a myriad of ways. Objects tell their own story, whether bought new or second hand or inherited they absorb our energy and tell their own story as well as reflecting our personality.

Place is significant for many reasons, it may be where we were conceived or born or grew up, it may have historical value perhaps a massacre or war was fought on it. It may be a sacred place to Aboriginal people or house a unique and endangered species such as the Platypus.  All land is a sacred living entity that needs to be respected, revered and protected. Its stories need to be told just like ours do as it is cathartic for us to share and educational for others to receive. Stories are the corner stone of our culture, they are Us, our “Country”, our past, present and future.

Nikki and emerging artists will be creating a mural in the Gallery between 10-14 July. Please come by and say hello.


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