Women at Clothing for Good exhibitionWorking with AnglicareSA, UniSA students were involved in two streams of work that culminated in a public exhibition hosted at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre at UniSA. The Thread Together program (based in Sydney but operated in South Australia by AnglicareSA) works in conjunction with clothing manufacturers to receive and sort brand new, end-of-line clothes, which through their purpose-fit mobile wardrobes are delivered directly to people in need. Working with the vulnerable, this initiative supports those in our community who need it most.

The clothes we wear play an active role in how we relate to the world. Clothes enable people to express their values, interests and identity and they instil independence, confidence and dignity. However, while the personal and social benefits of clothing are positive, an obsession for new clothes in fuelling Australia’s increasing levels of textile waste, which often includes items that have never or hardly been worn. This project explores how clothing reuse can support environmental and human wellbeing.