examples of student outcomesMatch Studio collaborated with the Beats for Wu, Lukasz Foundation, a foundation made in honour of local musician and UniSA student Lukasz Klosowski and girlfriend Chelsea Ireland, who both tragically died in 2020. Lukasz’s mother, Magda Pearce, said music was his life and music continues to be the best way to honour his memory. One of the core objectives of the Foundation’s work is to improve community mental health and wellbeing, as well as help young people affected by trauma. “It’s really important that we provide children and young people who experience trauma all the tools we can to build resilience and confidence,” Magda said. ( https://glamadelaide.com.au/local-charity-launches-music-festival-to-support-emerging-artists/

Match Studio offered up to twenty-five students, in first year, undertaking the Bachelor of Creative Industries Match Studio Projects course (ARCH2027) to elect to develop proposals for the Beats for Wu Foundation. This client focused course is a compulsory first year course that runs from August through to November. There are almost sixty students enrolled in the course this year, undertaking majors that include Animation and Visual Effects, Comic book Creation, Communication and Media, Contemporary Art Studies, Creative Writing and Literature, Digital Media, Festivals, Film and Television, Games Design and Production, Performing Arts, Social Media and Screen Studies.

Match Studio’s industry linked project-based teaching and learning model provides a structured teaching and learning framework in which a client challenge becomes a vehicle for dynamic project-based learning. This enables students to deepen their disciplinary knowledge at the same time as develop transferable ‘soft skills’ critical skill, in their professional working lives.

To do this Match Studio applies a Design Management methodology. We choose from our collection of Systems and Design Thinking and Enterprise Development strategy tools to support the consideration, co-creation and coalescence of knowledge and ideas into feasible proposals that address the client challenge.

Match Studio will work with the Beats for Wu Foundation along with academic teaching and research colleagues to enable students to engage with a range of knowledge bases, to inform their research and inspire their concept development. Student’s will present their design proposals to the client, providing the client with fresh ideas to stimulate innovative approaches to addressing their challenge.

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