Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)

Professor Peter Høj AC, Honorary Doctor
For eminent service to higher education and to science, particularly to the commercialisation of research, and to policy development and reform.

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

 Mr Andrew Pridham AO, Bachelor of Applied Science in Property Resource Management
For distinguished service to the investment banking and asset management sector, to sporting groups, and to philanthropy.

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

Dr Angela Evans AM, Graduate Diploma Social Science (Child Development), Doctor of Health Sciences
For significant service to community health in the field of paediatric podiatry, and to professional standards.

Mr David Gray AM, Graduate Diploma Business Administration
For significant service to veterans and their families through a range of executive roles.

Dr Don Hein AM, Bachelor of Education
For significant service to archaeological research, and to the people of Thailand through social welfare initiatives.

Mr Grant Kardachi AM, Bachelor of Pharmacy
For significant service to pharmacy at the state and national level, and to professional societies.

Dr Kaye Price AM, Master of Education Studies (Aboriginal Education)
For significant service to education, particularly through Indigenous Education

Professor Lyndall Ryan AM DUniv, Honorary Doctor
For  significant  service  to  higher  education,  particularly to  Indigenous  history  and  women's studies.

Mr Ian Wall AM, Diploma in Electrical Engineering
For significant service to the community through philanthropic initiatives.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

Ms Mary Dorrington OAM, Graduate Diploma Education (Religious Ed)
For service to the community through a range of organisations.

Mrs Priscilla Henderson OAM, Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Bachelor of Teaching, Graduate Diploma Reading and Language Education
For service to community.

Ms Wendy Holman OAM, Graduate Diploma Teacher Librarianship
For service to the community of Cummins.

Mr Geoffrey Hudson OAM, Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Engineering
For service to youth through Scouts.

Mr John Kenny OAM, Diploma of Technology in Valuation
For service to the community.

Mr Craig Laffin OAM, Antecedent Institution Program
For service to the community.

Mr Jim Luthy OAM, Bachelor of Business (Tourism & Hospitality), Masters of Education
For service to the community.

Mr Stephen Misiajlo OAM, Building Technicians Certificate
For service to the Ukrainian community of South Australia.  

Mrs Mena Muecke OAM, Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design)
For service to the community through charitable initiatives.

Ms Ellen Traeger OAM, Diploma of Teaching (Primary) Special Category
For service to the community.

Mr Jim Whiting OAM, Bachelor of Applied Science in Building Technology
For service to the building and construction industry.

Mrs Kathryn Wooldridge OAM, Bachelor of Nursing
For service to nursing.

Public Service Medal (PSM)

Mr Francis Brennan PSM, Diploma of Technology in Planning
For outstanding public service to local government and planning in South Australia. 

Ms Gerrie Mitra PSM, Bachelor of Accountancy, Graduate Diploma Business (Administrative Management)
For outstanding public service through the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in South Australia.

Australian Corrections Medal (ACM)

Ms Helen Mallen ACM, Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor of Social Work
Australian Corrections Medal.


Past Australia Day honours