We are pleased to announce that University of South Australia Centre for Markets, Values and Inclusion (CMVI) will host the joint conference of Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) and Alternative Accounting Research Network (AARN) in Adelaide, Australia on 2-4 July 2025 and the Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium on 1 July 2025.

The conference theme is “The Value of Accounting in Transforming the World”.

Over the past three decades, the APIRA community has worked together to support and contribute to the growing interdisciplinary research in accounting and has established a leading platform to showcase the importance of interdisciplinary research in the Asia-Pacific region. More recently, the APIRA community has joined the AARN community to bring the conversation to the next level while providing an international forum to discuss and debate on the critical role of accounting in shaping a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society.

The 2025 APIRA-AARN joint conference will be held in association with and sponsored by the Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (AAAJ), Critical Perspectives on Accounting (CPA) and Accounting Forum. The CMVI at UniSA Business looks forward to welcoming you to University of South Australia in Adelaide – a contemporary, vibrant and picturesque city. We will celebrate 30 years of success of APIRA and embrace the new generation of interdisciplinary and alternative accounting scholars who are more courageous, motivated, and determined to make a real change to transform our world for sustainability. 

Organising committee members:

Associate Professor Wei Qian (Co-Chair) – University of South Australia

Dr Amanpreet Kaur (Co-Chair) – University of South Australia

Dr Kathy Rao (ESG) – University of South Australia

Dr Farzana Tanima – University of Wollongong

Professor Indrit Troshani – University of Adelaide

Dr Amanda Carter – University of South Australia

Dr Dinithi Dissanayake - University of South Australia

Dr Sanjaya Kuruppu - University of South Australia

Dr Sendirella George – Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Hussain Rammal – University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Joanne Tingey - University of South Australia

Dr Lei Xu - University of South Australia

Advisory committee members:

Professor Lee Parker - University of Glasgow

Professor James Guthrie – Macquarie University

Professor Jane Andrew – University of Sydney

Professor Carol Tilt – University of South Australia

Professor Sumit Lodhia – University of South Australia



Emerging Scholar Colloquium:

9am - 5pm, Tuesday 1 July 2025


Main Conference:

9am - 5pm, Wednesday 2 July - Friday 4 July 2025

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For further information or for enquiries relating to this event, please contact mvi@unisa.edu.au.

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Conference Venue


Hilton Adelaide, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia


Conference Gallery

Gallery Level 1 - open space 01.jpg



APIRA & AARN Joint Conference 2025 will be held at Hilton Adelaide - a splendid, highly-rated hotel conveniently located in the centre of the marvellous City of Adelaide.


Plenary speech room


Relaxation Deck

Pool Deck.jpg