Acknowledging Our Enterprising Staff

The Enterprising Staff Awards are designed to celebrate the success of our UniSA academic and professional staff members who:  

  • Reflect enterprising thinking and a culturally enterprising mindset and perspective that ensures people are working for, not just in, UniSA  
  • Demonstrate the commitment to invest in our people through cultivating our core attributes  
  • Bring together professional and academic staff under a ‘one team’ approach in support of strategic ambitions and reignite collective achievements  

Our Enterprising Staff Awards have been designed around our ‘putting people first’ approach and reflect the core themes that run throughout the Academic Enterprise Plan 2021-2025 which include; external partners and industry, service excellence, teamwork, core attributes, people and equity, diversity and inclusion.

2024 Unstoppable Enterprise Awards

  • Enterprising Engagement and Partnering Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | External partners and industry 

    Award Criteria  

    • End user endorsed initiatives such as collaborative projects and constructive working partnerships 
    • Relevance and impact through research and/or work integrated learning innovation or excellence 
    • Translation of relationships with partners into outputs and outcomes for the benefit of students and the community 
  • Service Excellence Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | Excellence in Service Delivery 

    Award Criteria  

    • Efficiency and innovation in service delivery, administrative or governance process to the benefit of students, colleagues, or community 
    • Going above and beyond for the benefit of students, colleagues, or community 
    • Showcases UniSA's service excellence and solution-oriented culture 
  • One Team Achievement Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | Teamwork 

    Award Criteria  

    • Demonstrating and role modelling the breaking down of barriers and silos to the benefit of the enterprise using the 'one team approach'
    • Bringing together staff members working across the enterprise to demonstrate cross unit/cross functional collaboration
    • Delivery of a whole enterprise business solution, project, or initiative that has a measurable impact at an enterprise level involving a diverse group of staff members
  • Enterprising Culture Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | Core Attributes 

    Award Criteria  

    • Embodying and exemplifying the UniSA Core Attributes 
    • Demonstrating and role modelling the core attributes of an enterprising workforce culture 
    • Contributing to how the UniSA Core attributes are embedded across UniSA 
  • People First Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | Enterprise 25: People

    • Enhancing teamwork, providing inspiration, exemplifying best practice, mentorship, peer learning, skills development, professional development opportunities 
    • Initiatives that enable wellbeing and safety outcomes and demonstrate their priority at UniSA, contributing to physical and culturally safe environments for staff 
    • Fostering an enterprising culture by empowering staff with a focus on solutions and outcomes that prioritise the impact on people through how they are conceived and delivered 
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award minus-thick plus-thick

    Focus Area | Equity,Diversity and Inclusion 

    Award Criteria  

    • Promotion of inclusive language and encouragement of practices that are mutually respectful and meet the diverse needs of those we support  
    • Strategies to address the attraction, recruitment, retention and progression of students and staff from our prioritised groups 
    • Barriers to participation are removed and opportunities for success promoted 

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To learn more about being nominated by your local area, please contact your local Executive Services Team. 

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Banner Image: Beyond the Horizon of a Nano-World by Dr Paul Joyce - Winner of the Research Category of the 2023 Images of Research and Teaching Competition



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